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Monday, 6 August 2018

Is "Christ" the only way?

Is "Christ" the only way?"

Jesus said, "People probably think that it is peace that I have come to impose upon the world. And they do not recognize that it is divisions that I have come to impose upon the earth -- fire, sword, battle. Indeed, there will be five in a house. There will be three over two and two over three, parent over child and child over parent. And they will stand at rest by being solitaries." Gospel of Thomas.

"They will stand at rest by being solitaires."

Jesus' teachings is the only way to overcome the precondition of sin, judgmental reasoning, and therefore, is a practical path to a higher civilization in the new millennium.

We must also make Jesus' teachings  religious principles a global reality. Love is the answer and his  teachings are the only way to a higher civilization based on reasoning lovingly.

Christ Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father. Don't be angry, don't be upset; figure this out through the fine tune and see the pattern narrowing down to one.

Christ is NOT divide.

God created both good and evil; light and darkness.

God KNOWS Jesus is the ONLY way you come INTO the Father's presence. If there was two ways, he'd say yet what confusion would there be in two when we know there is only one. Two ways out of this world, one leads to life the other to death. One is the narrow way the other the broadway.

"They will stand at rest by being solitaires."

we should be exclusively committed to the truth like the fisherman (Saying 9)

Jesus alone reveals the truth so the listener must obey him and serve him exclusively (Saying 38)

no one else has the truth (Saying 39)

anything outside of the Father will be uprooted (Saying 40)

The Pharisees (clergy) have nothing to offer us (Saying 41)

Jesus is the cornerstone (Saying 66)

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