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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

sir isaac newton and the "serpent" in the garden of eden


sir isaac newton could see the truth behind the use of the word "serpent" in the garden.

The devils being cast into the bottomless pit & shut up that he should deceive the nations no more for a thousand years you may know that he is the spirit of delusion reigning in the hearts of men & by his being there called the old Serpent you may know that he is that same Serpent which deceived Eve.

And then, alluding to the proto- (Good News) Evangelium of Genesis 3:15 and thus emphasizing the continuity of this theme in the Bible, he writes: “For that old serpent was to continue till the seed of the woman should bruise his head, that is till Christ should vanquish & slay him”. 

A few lines later he confidently concludes that: the old Serpent was no more a real serpent then the Dragon in the Apocalyps is a real Dragon or then the Beasts in John & Daniel are real Beasts. It's only a
symbol of the spirit of delusion & therefore must be the sentence of this serpent for deceiving Eve must be interpreted accordingly.

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