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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Mystically Afterlife

The Mystically Afterlife

There are two conceptions of afterlife: Metaphor and literal. After spiritual ego death, one's mortal corruptible self has been sacrificed and has died, and one is by definition in the afterlife, in the kingdom of god, ascended, beyond the last judgement.

This type of death and immortal life after death is certain and is the ultimate experience for which we have evidence. What about literal bodily death and some literalist type of eternal life in heaven? There's little support for it in Biblical scripture. Scripture lends itself more to the mystical, "awakening to the kingdom of god" approach, with "death" and "immortal life" is interpreted first mystically than we consider that eternal life is achieved through the resurrection of the body at the time of the second coming. The very same bodies that once constituted persons shall rise again, in order to be judged for the reward of immortal or eternal life in the kingdom of God or the second death .

The "mystery" of the scriptures is set up through deliberate, playful conflation of literal with mystical death. there is much more about the kingdom of god, than a future kingdom upon the earth and nothing about the traditional heavenly afterlife in the scriptures.

Mystically or spiritually it is certain that we are to awake to the newness of timeless life in the kingdom of God. This kind of eternal life is certain. Literal eternal life in heaven is an illusion entirely unfounded in the bible

The Mystically Afterlife is timeless rebirth after ego death.

There is also another literal eternal life which is also clearly shown to be a biblical teaching is bodily existence in the kingdom of god after the second coming resurrection and judgement of the dead

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