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Sunday, 23 September 2018

AIL the One True Deity

The word AIL (El) means “power,” “force,” or plain old “energy.” The Hebrews used the same word to denote their Deity. They USED AIL (El) because that’s what the Deity of the Bible is. He is Desire, Direction, and Drive. There's no fire-flinging, brimstone-breathing behemoth. There's no gray- headed old geezer. There are no three different “Persons” who think they are one.

AIL or EL is a both a name and a title of the Eternal Uncreated Spirit or Deity. Ail expresses the omnipresence of God, i.e., the universal extension of His knowledge and power.” see Jer. xxiii. 23 and 24

the ONE SELF-EXISTENT ETERNAL AIL hath never been seen by any mortal man -- that He is an undivided and invisible unity, pre-existent before the beginning of all things, intelligent and material;

The ETERNAL POWER is the Logos, or Word, which is identical with Theos, or DEITY, glowing in light. SPIRIT substantial and corporeal. The Deity is wisdom as well as Power. Hence the Divine Nature is a moral nature as well as substantial; so that His moral attributes are constituents of His glory, equally with those of His substance, in its essentiality and power.

EL or AIL God--The original Mind in Progressive Action. AIL means "the strong and ever-sustaining one," and Theos, "to swear or formulate by the power of the Word." AIL thus represents the Great First Cause that designed all creation.

The primary idea of all the definitions is radically the same ; the universal extension of power implies an original source from which that power flows, and its universality of extension implies absolute omnipotence in regard to the source. The idea is well expressed by a term somewhat widely used in these days -- The Great First Cause.

The universal extension of power and existence associated with ” The Great First Cause,” which Cause must necessarily contain within it all the potential power of the universe, is likewise declared in the statement of Moses, the man of God, ” 90 O Yahweh, you yourself have proved to be a real dwelling for us During generation after generation. 2 Before the mountains themselves were born,
Or you proceeded to bring forth as with labor pains the earth and the productive land, Even from time indefinite to time indefinite you are EL ” (Psa. xc. 1 and 2).

El or Ail, therefore, refers to that mighty Power whose work is exhibited in all creation, and whose energy is the basis of all matter for "out of Him were all things made."

The Deity of the Bible is not an entity in the common sense of the word at all. The Deity of the Bible is Desire, Direction, and Drive. The power becomes personal when it is manifest by a being. The beings who manifest the power OF AIL (El) can be (and often are) taken for God. That may be how the misunderstandings began. That, as well as the blindness of Bible translators (together with the naivety of their readers) might be why such an obvious Truth has eluded so many.

Every member of the heavenly host is an Eloah (mighty one), but of all the Elohim (mighty ones) ONE ONLY is the original and self-existent AIL the absolute, omnipotent, and independent power of the universe. Speaking of Himself in His address to the ends of the earth He says: 'Look unto me, for I am AIL, and none else' (Isa. 45:22); and to Israel he saith: 'Ye are my witnesses, and my servant whom I have chosen, that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I, Yahweh, am He; before me AlL or POWER, has not been formed nor after me shall be" (Isa. 43:10).

The Eternal Spirit, in imposing upon himself a name, selected a word which should point toward this wonderful future manifestation of spirit. There had been previous manifestations of spirit, and the then already-existent Elohim were its fruit. But now a new manifestation was pre-determined -- a manifestation of Elohim, or Sons of God, out of human flesh and spirit.

Now, if we understand this, we shall be able to discern the force and beauty of the expression Yahweh-Elohim, which occurs so frequently in the Hebrew Scriptures. Yahweh is the name of Uncreated Power, Elohim, the organizations of that Power after its image and likeness, whether they belong to the sun, moon, and stars of the universe, or to Israel. Hence also the beauty and the fulness of the phrase, "I am He the Mighty Ones, that formed the earth and made it -- I Yahweh and none without" -- ani-hu ha-elohim; ani Yahweh.

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