Gnostic Doctrine

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

God is a Principle

God the uncreated and eternal spirit, the Creator; and the ruler of the universe, the creation is an emanation of God for all things are out of him out of his corporeal substance.

God is a person however there is another meaning to God that the Deity is also a Principle

The word AIL (El) means “power,” “force,” or plain old “energy.” The Hebrews used the same word to denote their Deity. They USED AIL (El) because that’s what the Deity of the Bible is. He is Desire, Direction, and Drive. There's no fire-flinging, brimstone-breathing behemoth. There's no gray- headed old geezer. There are no three different “Persons” who think they are one. The Deity of the Bible is not an entity in the common sense of the word at all. The Deity of the Bible is Desire, Direction, and Drive. The power becomes personal when it is manifest by a being. The beings whomanifest the power OF AIL (El) can be (and often are) taken for God. That may be how the misunderstandings began. That, as well as the blindness of Bible translators (together with thenaivet√© of their readers) might be why such an obvious Truth has eluded so many.

It was Elohim who appeared to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, David, and Josiah, to name a few. EL (the Deity) has never been seen by anyone.

The Elohim handle all the personal appearances. We know this because Scripture clearly teaches that all creation was produced from One Power (out of and through which are all things) but this One Power operates by way of a multitude of agents (Elohim) who are spirit-embodiments of its power.

Principle meaning A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning:

This Principle is so to speak of God individualized in a believer however, this is both in a personal sense, and in the All-encompassing identification of ourselves with Him that we come into the God consciousness.

He is the underlying, unchangeable Truth "with whom there is no change or shifting shadow" (James 1:17). God as a principle is absolute goodness expressed in all creation. When a person knows God and worships Him "in spirit and truth" (John 4:24), they recognise Him as this great goodness, which is present everywhere, all-knowing, and all-powerful. "Blessed be . . . God . . . the Father of mercies and God of all comfort" (II Cor. 1:3)

We can have a personal relationship with God by reading his word praying and recognising his character

His character is taught in the name Father, representing the love, protection, and providing care of God for man, His offspring. He is life and love and wisdom and power and strength

The Almighty God is both a Principle, and a Person

God as principle--The unchangeable life, love, wisdom, and mercy. Principle does not occupy space; neither has it any limitations of time or matter, but it eternally exists as the one fundamental cause out of which come forth all true ideas.

God as the Divine Mind--The connecting link between God and the believer. The Divine-Mind embraces all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and is the source of every manifestation of true knowledge and intelligence. God as principle cannot be comprehended by any of the outward senses, which is perceptible only by the intellect. The one Mind is a unit and cannot be divided. The individual mind is a state of consciousness in the one Mind.

By the term Mind, we mean God--the universal principle of causation, which includes all principles.

There is nothing but Mind and thought--Principle and its mode of expression. The things made, or externalized, are simply effects, and of themselves would quickly pass away; but Mind and thought are one and inseparable, self-existent and ever active, the cause of all that appears.

An understanding of God, or universal Mind, is a key to all scripture. In the story of creation as told by Moses, all things were brought forth by "God said"--Mind thought.

God as substance hypostasis or substance The Son is the character or exact representation, and the Father is the hypostasis. The archetype is the hypostasis, so that hypostasis is the basis or foundation of character; wherefore the same apostle in Col. 1:15, styles the character engraved the "Image" of Theos the Invisible. Where body and form do not exist, there can be no image; therefore, where image is predicated of hypostasis, that hypostasis must have both body and form. The Father-Spirit, unveiled, is, then, a bodily form; and as all things are "out of Him," He is the focal centre of the universe, from which irradiates whatever exists.

God, accessibility of--God is approachable, available, and usable to all who draw nigh unto Him. God is Spirit, the principle of intelligence and life, everywhere present at all times. He is, forever, as accessible as a principle of mathematics or music. "The Father abiding in me" (John 14:10).

God manifest--God manifestation is really greater than God principle; the man who has demonstrated the God-character is greater than the untried man. Jesus proclaimed, "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30). He had all the possibilities of Principle and, in addition, He demonstrated a large degree of its possibilities. In this respect, Jesus is the great Saviour and helper for all men.


  1. Which god are we talking about? There are several names. Are we talking about Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism? Which one? Or are you speaking of the Christ who is Lord over all, who is our Father?

  2. Gnostic Doctrine Christ is our Father and Abraham knew the Lord. We had to come through someway, at least I did - I came through the seed of Isaac which makes Abraham my forefather here on earth. It appears one of us is in the world while the other is sitting on high

  3. P. S. Jesus is my brother [I've seen him in real time having said this many times before - it was the dog who spotted him first ] I'm able to hear within me through him who is grace mercy and truth and I know my Father the light and I'm able to see him and right now He's before me as I stand behind Him and I know my Mother who is Wisdom without Her there would be no creation of God and She's a force to be reckoned with. She's darkness so vast that to see Her one automatically looks up to see the light. I do know what's going on and we're in the second coming of Christ.

  4. Gnostic Doctrine Abraham believed God and it was RECKONED to him as righteousness, therefore be sure that it is those who are of faith who are the sons of Abraham. Not my words, these words were established before the earth was formed. This issue here is you really don't know who God is and you really don't know whats going on