Gnostic Doctrine

Monday, 3 September 2018

The meaning of Gnosis

The meaning of Gnosis

The meaning of Gnosis

The word "knowledge" is from the Greek gnosis, and denotes a state of understanding developed from enquiry or investigation

literal knowledge

The meaning of knowledge--"Acquaintance with fact; hence, scope of information" (Webster). Intellectual knowledge is independent of feeling; it is literal knowledge without consideration of the Spirit. Man can store up a great wealth of knowledge obtained from books and teachers, but the most illiterate person  who sits at the feet of his Lord in the silence comes forth radiant with the true knowledge, that of Spirit.

Spiritual knowledge

The meaning of knowing (Gnosis) --There is in man a knowing capacity transcending intellectual knowledge. Nearly everyone has at some time touched this hidden wisdom and has been more or less astonished at its revelations. The knowing that man receives from the direct fusion of the Mind of God with his mind is real spiritual knowing.

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