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Thursday, 1 November 2018

the father’s house the gospel of philip

The lord said to the disciples,
“From every house you are in, take out possessions,
but take things into the father’s house
and do not steal what is inside and run off.”

literally the father's house would be the temple in Jerusalem but the father's house may also be the house not made of hands a internal and spiritual house

The Lord said to the disciples, "[...] from every house [individual soul]. Bring into the house of the Father [unite all into that One universal mind the Christ Consciousness holy and perfect - ].

The vessels in the Temple represent our capacity to comprehend and our ability to measure or appreciate lifelove, and Truth, the Gospel.

But do not take [for yourself] (anything) in the house of the Father nor carry it off [this appears to be directed at those who once knowing the truth turn away and go back the poverty-stricken elements of the world and/or use it for “unjust gain”?]." (Philip 13)

The Lord said to his disciples, "Converts should flow from every house to the House of the Parents, but be careful that you are not the cause of anyone leaving the House of the Parents to return to the house from which he came."

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