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Saturday, 3 November 2018

The Godhead in 3 Manifestations

God 1:1 ¶  In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word was with God (Theos), and the Word was God.

Psa 33:6  By the word of Yahweh were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the spirit of his mouth.

What is the meaning of “Word” in the Greek? “Word” in Greek is “Logos,” meaning the identification of mind in its intelligent, lawful, and all-powerful ideal capacity. Thus the Theos is the brain Logos is the mind, God is Spirit. The Word of Spirit is Spirit's perfect idea. By and through this perfect idea (the Christ of God), all things are made manifest.

The Godhead or Pleroma is not a particular place or court of celestial beings. it is the mind of God expanding from its initial self knowledge, self reflective, self conscious thought. Self-awareness asks consciousness, consciousness agrees and it comes to be

The word AIL (El) means “power,” “force,” or plain old “energy.” The Hebrews used the same word to denote their Deity. They USED AIL (El) because that’s what the Deity of the Bible is. He is Desire, Direction, and Drive. There's no fire-flinging, brimstone-breathing behemoth. There's no gray- headed old geezer. There are no three different “Persons” who think they are one.

The Deity of the Bible is not an entity in the common sense of the word at all. The Deity of the Bible is Desire, Direction, and Drive. The power becomes personal when it is manifest by a being. The beings who manifest the power OF AIL (El) can be (and often are) taken for God. That may be how the misunderstandings began. That, as well as the blindness of Bible translators (together with the naivety of their readers) might be why such an obvious Truth has eluded so many

EL or AIL God--The original Mind in Progressive Action. AIL means "the strong and ever-sustaining one," and Theos, "to swear or formulate by the power of the Word." AIL thus represents the Great First Cause that designed all creation.

God or AIL (EL) is the title of the all-encompassing Mind. Christ is the name of the all-loving Mind. Holy Spirit is the all-active manifestation. These three are one fundamental Mind in its three creative aspects.

The divine Manifestations or Godhead are known as Mother-Father or the Parent, Son, and Holy Spirit. Metaphysically we understand these to refer to mind, idea, and expression, or thinker, thought, and action.

The biblical terms for the Godhead are Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The metaphysical terms are mind, idea, and expression.

The Mother-Father is the source, origin, essence, root, creator of all. Son is that which proceeds from, is begotten of the Father, like Him in nature, and essentially all that the Father is. Holy Spirit is God's word in movement: the working, moving, breathing, brooding of Spirit, made known to men through revelation, inspiration, and guidance. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter who will bring all things to their remembrance.

The Mother-Father is first in the Godhead. God is mind and is everywhere present. God is principle, law, Being, Spirit, All-Good, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, unchangeable, Creator, Father, cause, and source of all that is. God as Spirit is forever accessible."

The Parent is first in the Godhead which can be viewed as the Absolute. The Parent as first in the Godhead is TOTALLY POSITIVE, the ultimate of positive energy expression, what we call ABSOLUTE GOOD!

"Second in the Godhead is God's idea of man. It is called Jehovah in the Old Testament and Christ in the New Testament. The second in the Godhead is also called the Word, the Son, the Logos, the Anointed One, and the I AM."

"Logos—The Word of God; the divine archetype idea that contains all ideas: The Christ, the Son of God, spiritual man in manifestation."

"The Christ is God's divine idea of man, the embodiment of all divine ideas existing in the mind of Being."

"The work of the Holy Spirit is the executive power of Father (mind) and Son (idea) carrying out the creative plan. It is through the help of the Holy Spirit that man overcomes. The Holy Spirit reveals, helps, and directs in this overcoming. 'The Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.' It finally leads man into the light."

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are 3 manifestations of AIL. the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three different modes or aspects of God.

You should not think of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as celestial beings they are aspects of the divine mind.

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