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Thursday, 1 November 2018

the summer is the other aeon

 the summer is the other aeon

Those who sow in the winter reap in the summer. The winter is the world,¹ the summer is the other aeon°. Let us sow in the world so that we will harvest in the summer. Because of this, it is appropriate for us not to be made to pray in the wintertime. What emerges from the winter is the summer. Yet if anyone reaps in the winter he will not harvest but rather uproot, as this method will not produce fruit. Not only does it (not) come forth [in the winter], but in the other Sabbath also his field shall be fruitless.

In warm regions, people sow in winter, not in spring as it is done in cold regions.

The one who does not work hard to make oneself better during there entire new life in Christ will not receive any good fruits in the age to come.

Philip symbolizes the period of time, assigned for this work, with the images of “winter” and “workweek”; after it, the time for rest comes — “summer”,

The winter is this age and the summer is the age to come

Thus Summer is a symbol of the kingdom of god

Those who sow their fields in the winter, harvest them in the summer. This world is our wintertime, but the world that is coming is our summer. While we are in this mortal world, we should plant those things that we desire to harvest in the next world.

When our prayers are centered in this life, we are like people trying to harvest their crops in the winter. They may root them out of the soil, but they will experience no harvest. We must keep our spiritual eye centered in the life which is coming, if we want to experience a true harvest. If we attempt to harvest our crops now, they will be dead long before the time of harvest arrives.

"Now learn a parable of the fig tree; when its branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh." Matthew 24:32

Many Christians recognize this to mean that when Israel sprouts again to life as a nation, the time of Messiah's Kingdom is near.

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