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Thursday, 1 November 2018

The “twin” of Christ Gospel of Thomas Saying 108

Saying Jesus says: "He who drinks from my mouth will become like me. As for me, I will become what he is, and what is hidden will be revealed to him."

These are the hidden sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Judas Thomas the twin recorded.

1 And he said, whoever discovers what these sayings mean will not taste death.

The Gospel of Thomas introduces itself as the hidden sayings of the living Jesus as recorded by Judas Thomas the twin. Even here in the introduction we are being introduced to the mysteries of the Order of God. The writer calls himself the “twin” of Christ. He gives us this clue that the objective of the sayings to be revealed is not to simply tell us about the Living Christ, but so that we can become Christs ourselves – we are to also become “twins” with our Teacher and Master.

He then shares with us the first saying of the Living Jesus – the one who finds the understanding of these sayings will not taste of death. Life is found in understanding the meaning of His sayings, the wisdom that is conceal into them. The deliverance of our beings come when we become mature, fully grasping the meaning of the teaching of the Living Lord Jesus. One could go through repetitive, empty observance and the remembering creeds and dogmas. But the true student is not interested in just learning about the Christ, but being formed into the image of our Teacher – who is the image of God. We do this through the assimilation of Divine Wisdom, being admitted into the school of the great Teacher Himself. We sit at the feet of the Master – the Living Christ and are changed from glory to glory into the very image and nature of God.

Jesus said to his disciples, "Compare me to something and tell me what I resemble." Simon Peter said to him, "A just angel is what you resemble." Matthew said to him, "An intelligent philosopher is what you resemble." Thomas said to him, "Teacher, my mouth utterly will not let me say what you resemble." Jesus said, "I am not your (sing.) teacher, for you have drunk and become intoxicated from the bubbling wellspring that I have personally measured out.

Jesus says: "He who drinks from my mouth will become like me. As for me, I will become what he is, and what is hidden will be revealed to him."

Thomas is called the "twin" of Jesus to denote a spiritual unity between the disciple and his master, as referenced here in Thomas v. 13, where Jesus says, "I am not your teacher. Because you have drunk and become intoxicated from the very same spring from which I draw."

Therefore in the GTh, the Living Jesus comes to reveal that you and he are, twins. And what you discover as you read the sayings of the Lord, is that you and Jesus at a deep level are identical twins. When you discover that you are the child of God just as he is. Therefore in saying 108 Jesus speaks to Thomas and says, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become as I am, and I will become that person, and the mysteries will be revealed to him."

Our goal is to become like Jesus that is to become his twin brother. And this is what Thomas means twin, for Thomas symbolizes the one who has become like Jesus Cp. Saying 108

we must become the twin brothers of Christ who are the solitary or the single one the few chosen out of the many called, the twin brethren in Christ Col 1:2

Thus those who meditate on the words of Jesus are drinking from wisdom’s fountain and become like or equal with Jesus and this saying explicitly states that the true believer who drinks from Jesus‘ mouth becomes Christ himself. Drinking is done by means of investigating and finding the symbolic meanings of the parables and proverbs Jesus’ words. As is discussed at the start of the gospel

Prayer: Living Lord Jesus – we humbly enroll ourselves in the school of your Divine Wisdom and truth. Wash our minds free of the traditions of men and the baggage or our past. Let us forget what we have learned in the schools of the religions of men and devote ourselves to your teachings which bring us into the most Holy and Divine fellowship. Let us see only your pure and Divine Light, let it both surround us and fill us. Amen.

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