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Friday, 21 December 2018

Non-Docetic Doctrines in the Nag Hammadi Library

Non-Docetic Doctrines in the Nag Hammadi Library
Orthodoxy in the Nag Hammadi Library

Orthodox Christians will claim that the Gnostic Gospels of the Nag Hammadi Library contents false teaching, however after reading the Nag Hammadi Library I found that it contains many Orthodox doctrines.

The Treatise on the Resurrection

How did the Lord proclaim things while he existed in flesh and after he had revealed himself as Son of God? He lived in this place where you remain, speaking about the Law of Nature - but I call it 'Death'. Now the Son of God, was Son of Man. The Treatise on the Resurrection

Orthodox Christians believe that Jesus is Son of God and Son of Man

The nature of Jesus

The Gospel of Thomas

I took my stand in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in flesh. Gospel of Thomas Saying 28

again this is an orthodox teaching that Jesus came in the flesh

Jesus says himself that he came in the flesh. False Teachers will claim that Jesus did not come in the flesh or that Jesus is non-corporeal which we can see from 
The Text of Melchizedek:

The Text of Melchizedek

Furthermore, they will say of him that he is unbegotten, though he has been begotten, (that) he does not eat, even though he eats, (that) he does not drink, even though he drinks, (that) he is uncircumcised, though he has been circumcised, (that) he is unfleshly, though he has come in the flesh, (that) he did not come to suffering, though he came to suffering, (that) he did not rise from the dead, though he arose from the dead

This is an incredible verse or paragraph from the Melchizedek book in the Nag Hammadi Library and it condemns modern Gnostics who reject the physical 
death and resurrection of Jesus

Teaching on the Resurrection

The Treatise on the Resurrection 

For if you remember reading in the Gospel that Elijah appeared and Moses with him, do not think the resurrection is an illusion. It is no illusion, but it is truth! Indeed, it is more fitting to say the world is an illusion, rather than the resurrection which has come into being through our Lord the Savior, Jesus Christ. The Treatise on the Resurrection

The Gospel of Philip:

The resurrection is real it is not an illusion
I condemn those who say the flesh won’t rise.
Then both are wrong. You say the flesh won’t ascend.
Tell me, what will rise so I can honour you?
You say spirit in the flesh and light in the flesh.
What is the flesh?
You say there is nothing outside the flesh.
It is necessary to arise in this flesh, since everything exists in it.
In this world those wearing garments are better than garments.
In heaven the garments are better than the wearers. The Gospel of Philip

It is necessary to arise in this flesh, since everything exists in it.the resurrection of mortal flesh which puts on immortality or spiritual flesh

True Flesh

[The master] was conceived from what [is imperishable], through God. The [master rose] from the dead, but [he did not come into being as he] was. Rather, his [body] was [completely] perfect. [It was] of flesh, and this [flesh] was true flesh. [Our flesh] is not true flesh but only an image of the true. 
The Gospel of Philip

“My god, my god, O lord, why have you abandoned me?”
He said these words on the cross. But not from that place. He was already gone. . . . 
The Gospel of Philip  

Again this shows that the gospel of Philip knows of the resurrection and his death on the cross

The Sophia of Jesus Christ:

After he rose from the dead, his twelve disciples and seven women continued to be his followers, and went to Galilee onto the mountain called "Divination and Joy". When they gathered together and were perplexed about the underlying reality of the universe and the plan, and the holy providence, and the power of the authorities, and about everything the Savior is doing with them in the secret of the holy plan, the Savior appeared - not in his previous form, but in the invisible spirit. And his likeness resembles a great angel of light. But his resemblance I must not describe. No mortal flesh could endure it, but only pure, perfect flesh, like that which he taught us about on the moun
tain called "Of the Olives" in Galilee. The Sophia of Jesus Christ

The sophia of Jesus Christ at the begining of the text speaks about the resurrection of Jesus and goes on to describe the nature of the spiritual body it was not mortal flesh but pure, perfect flesh or spiritual flesh

The Apocryphon of James:

Remember my cross and my death and you will live."

And I answered and said to him: "Lord, do not mention to us the cross and the death, for they are far from you."

The Lord answered and said: "Truly I say to you, none will be saved unless they believe in my cross. But those who have believed in my cross, theirs is the Kingdom of God. Therefore, become seekers for death, just as the dead who seek for life, for that which they seek is revealed to them. And what is there to concern them? When you turn yourselves towards death, it will make known to you election. In truth I say to you, none of those who are afraid of death will be saved. For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who have put themselves to death. Become better than I; make yourselves like the son of the Holy Spirit."

Here in The Apocryphon of James we are clearly told by Jesus himself to Remember his cross and his death and we shall live.

Truly I say to you, none will be saved unless they believe in my cross.

The Gospel of Truth:

In their heart, the living book of the living was manifest, the book that was written in the thought and in the mind of the father and, from before the foundation of all, is in that incomprehensible part of him.

This is the book that no one found possible to take, since it was reserved for him who will take it and be slain. No one could appear among those who believed in salvation as long as that book had not appeared. For this reason, the compassionate, faithful Jesus was patient in his sufferings until he took that book, since he knew that his death meant life for many. Just as in the case of a will that has not yet been opened, the fortune of the deceased master of the house is hidden, so also in the case of all that had been hidden as long as the father of all was invisible and unique in himself, in whom every space has its source. For this reason Jesus appeared. He put on that book. He was nailed to a cross. He affixed the edict of the father to the cross.

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