Gnostic Doctrine

Thursday, 3 January 2019



No. 1 -- Just as number 1 is the foundation of all mathematics, so Yahweh is the beginning of all. Number 1 therefore in Scripture pertains to God.

A. Number one is indivisible, it is not made up of other numbers and is therefore independent of all others; therefore it is the source of all others.

B. As a cardinal number it denotes unity—as an ordinal number it denotes primacy.

This is illustrated in the science of arithmetic. Arithmetic is the scence of numbers. The hypostasis or basis of this science is the multitudinous expression of one, a multiplication of number one. Let there be no numerical power called one, and there could be no five, fifty, or any other combination of one. One is the great power of the arithmetical universe; and all the other powers resulting from the multiplication of one combined, cannot exclude one therefrom, without annihilating themselves, and expunging the system.

one life and one intelligence--There is one Spirit; one principle of life, love, intelligence, and goodness in, through, and over all, even God, the good omnipotent.

one Mind--There is but one Mind. Every individual and the various phases of character that make that individual are but states of consciousness in the one Mind.

one presence and one power--God, Spirit, is the only presence in the universe, and is the only power. He is in, through, and around all creation as its life and sustaining power.

one Spirit-Mind--God is the one Spirit-Mind in which all ideas of life, love, substance, intelligence, and power originate.

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