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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

God is love. God is perfect.
Like begets like.

From 1 + 2 follows that God wanted to create love and loving beings. (=A)

The basis for love is free will. There is no love without free will!

From 1 + 2 + 3 follows that God had to create free willed moral agents to create loving individuals. There is no other way to achieve this goal! (=B)

God created a vast number of angels over a long period of time. God set rules for the interaction of those beings.
Free will means, that the agent is free to exercise his will freely, either obeying the rules set forth by the authority or breaking them.

4 + 5: Given a large enough number of free willed beings and given a large enough timescale, it is mathematically certain that sooner or later one of those beings would use his free will in opposition to the rules/the authorities. This becomes even more likely if those moral agents do not have an experience of the consequences of breaking the rules. (=C)

God knows the end from the beginning.

C + 6: God knew from the start of creation that at a certain point one creature will start to go wrong and disobey him. And he knew that this example will have an impulse and impact on other agents as well. (=D)

God wants his creatures to obey his rules out of love and an understanding that those rules are essential for a morally sustainable coexistence.
God knew that this experience of the consequences of disobedience was a necessary step to develop this understanding and such mature love.

7 + 8: Mature obedience means obeying God’s rules out of love and out of knowledge of the superiority of those rules. (=E)

Adding this all up shows, that the whole setup of creation was created to perfect free moral angels to a point where they would have learnt, grasped and internalised that the set of divine commandments was plainly given to their best, that this set of rules is the minimum number of rules that a society has to obey and that by doings so the highest stage of satisfaction, love, peace and bliss can be achieved. By understanding this, those moral agents would freely and autonomously decide to use their free will in accordance with the will of God and would reach the point of perfect love at which point they become true sons of God, divine beings themselves. à Like begets like.

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