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Sunday, 7 April 2019

The Election and the Calling The Tripartite Tractate

The election shares body and essence with the Savior, since it is like a bridal chamber because of its unity and its agreement with him. For, before every place, the Christ came for her sake. The calling, however, has the place of those who rejoice at the bridal chamber, and who are glad and happy at the union of the bridegroom and the bride. The place which the calling will have is the aeon of the images, where the Logos has not yet joined with the Pleroma. And since the man of the Church was happy and glad at this, as he was hoping for it, he separated spirit, soul, and body in the organization of the one who thinks that he is a unity, though within him is the man who is the Totality - and he is all of them. The Tripartite Tractate

The two classes of believers

There are two classes of believers the one the fellowservants, and the other the brethren, The brethren are fellowservants, but all the fellowservants were not brethren -- even as true believers are Christians, but all christians so-called are not true believers. Eureka 

The distinction is, of course, based upon Matt. 22:14.

thus being consubstantial with the Saviour
here means simply to be of the spiritual substance
like him, and specifically of the substance of his
spiritual body

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