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Friday, 17 May 2019

Who is BARBELO ?

Who or what is Barbelo?

"And his thought performed a deed and she came forth, namely she who had appeared before him in the shine of his light. This is the first power which was before all of them (and) which came forth from his mind, She is the forethought of the All - her light shines like his light - the perfect power which is the image of the invisible, virginal Spirit who is perfect. The first power, the glory of Barbelo, the perfect glory in the aeons, the glory of the revelation, she glorified the virginal Spirit and it was she who praised him, because thanks to him she had come forth. This is the first thought, his image; she became the womb of everything, for it is she who is prior to them all, the Mother-Father, the first man, the holy Spirit, the thrice-male, the thrice-powerful, the thricenamed androgynous one, and the eternal aeon among the invisible ones, and the first to come forth. (The Apocryphon of John (long version))

The word Barbelo apparently comes from Hebrew Be-arba Eloha

The meaning of the Semitic/Aramaic name is uncertain ("God is in the four," "daughter of the lord," "mighty through God").

The name of Barbelo seems to be based on a form of the holy four-letter name of God within Judaism, and it apparently comes from Hebrew-perhaps ‘God (compare El) in (b-) four (arb(a)," 

Barbelo comes "from the Hebrew baba' ‘eloh, ‘in the four is God'. with an abbreviated feminine ‘o' added to make the name a feminine aspect of God. 

'The Deity-in Four', with reference to the Tetragrammaton Τετραγράμματον, meaning "[consisting of] four letters"), יהוה in Hebrew and YHWH the ineffable four letters name of God

The memorial, in its simplest form, is ehyeh asher ehyeh, "l will be who I will be." Asher, "who," the relative pronoun in this memorial, is both singular and plural, masculine and feminine.

Barbelo is feminine aspect of God, Barbelo is mother, wisdom and the holy spirit or active force.

Barbelo she is Mother/Father and She brought forth the Christos through Him who is the Light.

Barbelo as the Mother the titles the Father and Mother (these are the masculine and feminine names of one androgynous being 

The Holy Spirit - Barbelo, is not a person or primordial being controlled by the Father it is an aspects of the mind of God or mental powers, unfolding or expanding from its thought to become an idea

However “bar,” in Aramaic, means son, and in particular, “son of” the word that follows.  If Bar means, “Son of,” and if, as the scholars say, “Belo” or "EL" seems to indicate the word “God,” the logical procession might be to see that Barbelo means the sons of God.


In the unfolding of creation Yahweh first established the invisible imperishable realms of light from non-being to be the root and foundation of what would be the perishable visible material realms

wishing to unfold the visible creation from that which is invisible Yahweh willed into being a feminine principle or attribute called Barbelo

all began with Yahweh, Yahweh as Father emanated Barbelo (the holy spirit or active force) full of light, life and majesty, she being filled with need to birth, conceived as glory the eternal Christ power the word of the Father

Yahweh is Barbelo


  1. Barbelo is not in human form; She is Mother/Father and She brought forth the Christos through Him who is the Light.

  2. The emanations of the pleroma is still a big deal to work on

  3. I've heard some references in the bible from this... Barbelo.


    All are found in the bible. Are they references that Barbelo is biblical? Because if she is then gnostics were onto something, it would make Nag Hammadi scriptures a little more believable. However truth be told, we need to be careful not to believe everything.

    Barbelo is one of the most interesting Entities to study with. However, The only true God before the existence of all creation is Sophia...and SHE is definitely biblical.