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Friday, 28 June 2019

Jesus Parables as a Historical sequence

parables as a prophetic sequence
parables as a Historical sequence

The complete set of parables in Matthew 13 is worth considering as a prophetic sequence. Is it just accident that they appear to have special relevance to the changing fortunes of the Church over the centuries? Their ready conformity to a Historical sequence is certainly impressive.

1. The parable of the Sower is specially appropriate to the early days of the church, when the message was being proclaimed far and wide.

2. But almost immediately came another age when to the pure gospel of the kingdom there were added many false unbiblical notions-the Tares.

3. As time went on the church became more and more powerful and materialistic, so that many political forces deemed alliance with the church well worth seeking.  This is the mustard tree with the birds of the air in its branches.

4. Ultimately the Dark Ages set in.  Truth was completely obscured.  “The whole was leavened.”

5. With the sudden availability of printed Bibles in the 16th century a dramatic change took place.  Men discovered Truth for themselves like treasure hid in a field, not because they were looking for it, but simply because they now had access to the Bible.

6. However, since the Reformation sectarianism has multiply.  Today there are churches in abundance.  All of them have no truth to offer.  But those who knows the true gospel message are they who have found the pearl of great.  This pearl of great price is so manifestly superior that a man is glad to let go all the rest for the sake of this one.  This is the position today.

7. Before very long the Lord’s drag-net of judgment will have its fulfilment when the catch will be found to include a mystical number of great fishes (Jn. 21:11).

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