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Friday, 28 June 2019

The rebuilt temple in the Book of Enoch

The rebuilt temple in the Book of Enoch

The Letter of BARNABAS QUOTES FROM the Book of ENOCH

Barnabas 4:3
The last offence is at hand, concerning which the scripture speaketh, as Enoch saith. For to this end the Master hath cut the seasons and the days short, that His beloved might hasten and come to His

Barnabas 16:5
Again, it was revealed how the city and the temple and the people of Israel should be betrayed. For the scripture saith; And it shall be in the last days, that the Lord shall deliver up the sheep of the pasture and the fold and the tower thereof to destruction. And it came to pass as the Lord spake.

This shows us that 'Barnabas' considered the first book of Enoch to be canonical by calling it scripture.

Enoch 89.56 And I saw that He forsook that their house and their tower and gave them all into the hand of the lions, to tear and devour them, into the hand of all the wild beasts.

Barnabas 16:6
But let us enquire whether there be any temple of God. There is; in the place where he himself undertakes to make and finish it. For it is written And it shall come to pass, when the week is being accomplished, the temple of God shall be built gloriously in the name of the Lord.

Enoch 91.13 And, at its end, they will acquire Houses because of their righteousness, and a House will be built for the Great King in Glory, forever.

Jesus will supervise the building of a glorious Temple in Jerusalem and be involved with the worship therein.

"After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and set it up: that the residue of men might seek after the Lord..." (Acts 15:16,17)

Behold, the man whose name is the Branch (a title of Christ); and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the Lord; even he shall build the temple of the Lord; and he shall bear the glory, and shall sit and rule upon his throne; and he shall be a priest upon his throne; and the counsel of peace shall be between them both" (Zechariah 6:12-13).

"My house shall be called an house of prayer for all people" (Isaiah 56:7).

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