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Saturday, 27 July 2019

One Old in Days Gospel of Thomas Saying 4

Jesus says, "The [religious] man old in days [at the end of an age] will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old [one who has been converted and has found life - seven days being the number of completion i.e. having "entered into His rest" spiritually] about the place of life [see saying -50], and he will live [the small child (Elect one) here has become a "fountain of life" (having the Keys of Knowledge) and anyone who "hears the Word and believes" then faithfully obeys it, will find life through that word - it would seem that this is what it means to have "the days cut short" for the "sake of the elect" i.e. their flesh is saved (they obtained the resurrection while still in the world) that these might declare the Word and heal the sick].  For many who are first [in status today i.e. the self-exulted worldly/religious leaders (there really is no line here) who in their lust for the glory of men are continually hindering those seeking life from finding it] will become last [be abased, stripped of their glory and status and kingdoms], and they will become one and the same [the end result is that all shall bend knee to the Father and confess “Christ” as King]."

the child here is not a real child but the child we are to become. The old man is the old personality that we have to strip ourselves of, and the place of life is the age to come, which is the most holy place Rev 21:3 Heb 9:8. But it is also communion with the Father in this life the new and living way in which we now have boldness to enter into the holy place by the blood of Jesus Heb 10:19. Communion is only one way in this age but in the age to come God will be manifest in the flesh of the holy ones there I will meet with you over a blood-sprinkled ark the multitudinous Christ Heb 10:1 8:5 Rom 2:20 Col 2:17. 

Seven days or years old, means those who are born again and are living the new life in Christ. Of course the seventh day is the Lord’s Day of completeness. As we grow spiritually, we could think of it as progressing through the “days” of our development. When a Son of God enters the 7th “day” of his development he is complete in Christ. Then if one asks this Son of God (in his 7th Day) about life, he is asking one who is in the life and mind of Christ. Jesus was such a Son living in his 7th Day of life. He was God’s mature Son revealed to the world; he was Christ. Many of God’s children are coming into their 7th Day of life, spiritually speaking. We, come again and again to the bible to learn about God and how to love as He does. In this way, we become like “workers” for the Father in the field of the world, “the place of life” is the good news about the Kingdom of God which begins in the 7000 year than and only than does the new life begins.

“The first shall be last and the last first and they will become a single one” the disciples voluntary became poor to share with Jesus his poverty but we shall all so have fellowship with him in the day of power and glory. The giving up of worldly advantage for Christ’s sake would not ensure find acceptance with God unless it were accompanied with an acceptable spirit of modesty and self-abasement. However those who put themselves first (the old man) will be last in the Kingdom of Heaven. Now the children (the poor in this age) who are last will be first in the age to come and they (Jesus and the Father will make their home with them/us) and become a single one (twin)

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