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Friday, 19 July 2019

The Hebrew Alphabet Rhyme

The Hebrew Alphabet Rhyme

ALEPH is an ox, which will push with its horn;

BETH is the house, where we sleep till the dawn.

GIMEL is a camel, with such a long chin!

DALETH is the door, for the only way in.

HE is the window, built into the wall,

WAV is the tent peg, important, though small.

ZAIN is the weapon, held firm in the hand,

CHET is the hedge, that will mark out the land.

TETH is a serpent, then let us be wise,

YOD is the hand, so lay hold on the prize.

KAPH is the palm, put to work through the day,

LAMED the ox-goad, to keep in the way.

MEM is the water, essential for life,

NUN is for fish, in Lake Galilee so rife.

SAMEKH a prop, to give help and support,

AYIN is eye, we must use as we ought.

PEH is the mouth, for the words we should say,

TZADDI is a fish hook, that catches the prey.

ΚΟΡΗ is the profile, that points out the man,

RESH is our head, think kind thoughts as we can.

SHIN is a tooth, which is white and so strong,

TAU is a mark, to conclude this word song.

Christian Kabbalah Christ in the Hebrew Alphabet

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