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Friday, 19 July 2019

The Theology of the Gospel of Thomas

The Theology of the Gospel of Thomas
What the Gospel of Thomas Teaches 

The Gospel of Thomas is the Recitation of the words of Jesus the sayings are give by Jesus and recorded by Thomas before or after Jesus’ death.

Jesus is called the living one meaning the risen Lord (Saying 0) and we must live from the living one the (Sayings 0, 1, 13, 108) or living things which Jesus speaks (Saying 0, 1, 13, 108)

Jesus words are life (Saying 0, 1, 13, 108)  the living things rational principles (Saying 11 13 108 61 111)

the listener should seek the truth (Sayings 2 and 5) it is a journey that will make us kings and at the end it will lead to rest (Greek Saying 2)

we must behave correctly (Saying 6)

we should be exclusively committed to the truth like the fisherman (Saying 9)

The dead are unconscious, know nothing see (Sayings 11 59 52 57 85 60)

The body, soul and flesh are equivalent in value or interdependent (Saying 87 112, 70)

The kingdom is on earth not in heaven (Saying 3 82 113) it is within us and it is to be spread out upon the earth. it is not in the world of the dead (Saying 59)

we must find the knowledge of god before we die (Saying 59)

this is vital since Jesus is casting god's judgment upon the world and this system of things is passing away (Sayings 10 and 11)

there is to be a day of judgement (Saying 11 21 57 113)

there is to be a new order of things (Sayings 11 18 19 111)

washing food or the body or baptizing does not make it pure (Saying 14 29 56 80 87 112)

We must worship God the Father (Saying 15)

Jesus does not bring peace to the world but fire sword war (Saying 16)

the kingdom starts off small and will become large (Saying 20)

there is a spiritual kingdom on earth right now it is within us if Jesus is in us and all around us (Saying 3 24 22 51 77 82 113)

Temptation comes from within (Saying 45 70 7)

we must overpower our inner demons (Saying 21 29 70)

Troubles come along with it judgment is close we should obey Jesus (Saying 21)

Jesus promises that he will be the judge choosing you, one from a thousand and two from ten thousand (Saying 23)

salvation of the few (Saying 23 61 107)

if we follow Jesus we are a man of light lighting up the whole world (Saying 24) like a city built on a high mountain (Saying 33)

Jesus tells us to tell others (Saying 33 50)

we must not be like blind men leading blind men (Saying 34)

we must love one another like our own soul (Saying 25, 26 and 95)

Jesus came in the flesh (Saying 28) now the flesh is sinful and needs saving (Saying 7 70 45 89 101)

the spiritual body is developed from the natural body (Saying 29 84 19) compare (Saying 87 112) and noties above

we must fast from the world (Sayings 27 56 110 81 80 36 42)

Jesus promises to be with us (Saying 30)

Jesus is everywhere and with the solitary ones (Saying 77) He is also the origin of the new creation 77

Jesus is the Kingdom (Sayings 77 82 3 49 14 50)

Jesus alone reveals the truth so the listener must obey him and serve him exclusively (Saying 38)

no one else has the truth (Saying 39)

anything outside of the Father will be uprooted (Saying 40)

The Pharisees (clergy) have nothing to offer us (Saying 41)

we should pass by the thinking of the flesh and be passers by of all other teachers and teachings (Saying 42)

The Pharisees are a symbol of all systems or religions that will not be forgiven for their unbelief (Saying 44) who have evil in their hearts (Saying 45)

We should keep organized structure to a minimum (Saying 30 49)

Human nature is evil (Saying 45)

From Adam to John the Baptist no one has the truth but the person to whom Jesus has revealed it is greater than john (Saying 46)

Because of this the listener must chose to serve Jesus alone (saying 47)

Obeying Jesus means that the disciple is a peacemaker (Saying 48)

circumcision is of the heart or spiritual (Saying 53)

this is done by knowing our true self which is Jesus Christ the hidden man of light within (Saying 3, 4, 7 22, 24, 37 70 82 77 84 114)

Serving Jesus alone means we must hate our own family (Saying 55)

we must cut off family ties (Saying 31 55 101)

Again this is vital because he will be held to account for it at the time of the harvest (Saying 57)

Those who suffer now by obeying Jesus are blessed at the end (Saying 58)

only a few will be chosen at the final reward (saying 61)

Jesus teaches the truth about the kingdom to a select number (Saying 62)

we must not worry about personal gain (Saying 63)

we must live a life of poverty (Sayings 36 54 95)

we should put the kingdom first so that at the end we can be part of the marriage feast (Saying 64)

Jesus is the cornerstone (Saying 66)

the persecuted are the chosen ones (Saying 68)

we must not be worried about what we will get in this age for we must be workers in the field (Saying 72 and 73)

we must become the image of Christ which is the image of God (Saying 83 84 85 22 13 108 61)

Jesus is blessed from the womb being the son of God (Saying 79) but his mother could only give him death (that his fallen human nature) after his resurrection from the dead the holy spirit his true mother give him life that is eternal life (Saying 101)  

We will have the same body as Jesus who is now the same as the body of the Father (Sayings 83 84 29)

we should choose Jesus's leadership for his yoke is easy and his lordship mild and his future promise is rest Sayings 2 90

but some will not understand the time saying 91 or the true knowlege  hidden from the world saying 17 92 94

and this is the hidden knowlege the dead are not alive saying 11 and the kingdom is within you saying 3

when the kingdom will come it will be like an amazing saprise saying 96 97 

the kingdom requires preparation saying 98 

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  1. wonderful quotes... particularly when one recognises the Union of Jesus to the Christos...his teaching that "I and My Father are One" he lets us know that this is possible for humans, to be One with the Origin and Creative Being.