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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Adam in the Gospel of Thomas

Adam in the Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas Saying (46) Jesus said, "Among those born of women, from Adam until John the Baptist, there is no one so superior to John the Baptist that his eyes should not be lowered (before him). Yet I have said, whichever one of you comes to be a child will be acquainted with the kingdom and will become superior to John."

The Gospel of Thomas Saying Saying (85) Jesus said, "Adam came into being from a great power and a great wealth, but he did not become worthy of you. For had he been worthy, he would not have experienced death."

There are Numerous commentaries on the gospel of Thomas which assume that it is teaching that we have to regain our primordial image which Adam lost.

However the Gospel of Thomas does not speak positively about Adam (Sayings 46, 85) nor does the Gth say any thing about us becoming like Adam was before the fall we are to become greater than Adam was we are to become like Christ (Sayings 13, 61 108)

Some commentaries use many saying from the Gth to prove that we have to regain our primordial image however I am not going to look into these sayings only the ones that clearly speak about Adam

Saying 46. Jesus said, "From Adam to John the Baptist, among those born of women, no one is so much greater than John the Baptist. But for fear that the eyes of such a one should be lost I have said: He who among you shall be the smallest shall know the Kingdom will become greater than John!"

Adam was born through the spirit of the Deity and mother earth thus he is born from below or born of a woman (mother earth).

Here Jesus is not speaking very highly of Adam but of John, it is John the Baptist, here who is the greatest not Adam. To know the Kingdom is find your real self the son of Man inside you

Col 1:27  To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

Saying 85. Jesus said, "Adam came from great power and great wealth, but he was not worthy of you. For had he been worthy, [he would] not [have tasted] death."

One commentary has mistakenly said this passage is referring recovering our primordial image which Adam. Yet, this passage is clearly speaking of a MAN that fell from grace "but he was not worthy of you". Adam was certainly one who fell from grace. He was the Son of God, yet his fateful decision shook the earth and brought humanity down to the grave. (Sheol, pit, hell, Hades).

“Adam came from great power and great wealth“. the great power and the great wealth is the Spirit of God: Heb "ruach Elohim": "The spirit (wealth) of the Powers". "Spirit" = the "wisdom" of Pro 8:22-26. Was Hovering: "Moved" (AV). Like a mother bird brooding over her young: Deu 32:11 (cp Exo 19:4 the Spirit is described as a dove in Matt. 3:16).
Powers said (The Elohim), "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the living creatures." Gen 1:26,27 So Powers (the Elohim) created man in His image; male and female created He them.

“and he did not become worthy of you. For, had he been worthy he would not have tasted death."

Adam was found unworthy! Paul makes a comparison between the first and the second Adam.  (Rom 5:12-15,17,19; [cp. Job 31:33; Pr 28:13; Ho 6:7;] 1 Cor 15:21-22, 42-50; 1Ti 2:14 ): in contrast to Adam, whose sin led to death, stands Jesus, whose obedience leads to life. The outcome of Adam‘s sin, according to saying 85:2, was death; the effect of those who find the meaning of Jesus' words will be not to taste death, according to Saying 1 The phrase 'not taste death' is a favourite of in the gospel of Thomas (Saying 1; 18:3; 19:4; 111:2), although it was also known to the Gospel of John (8:51-52)."

108. Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him."

In this saying and 13 and 61 those who meditate on the words of Jesus are drinking from wisdom’s fountain and become like or equal with Jesus and this saying explicitly states that the true believer who drinks from Jesus‘ mouth becomes Jesus. Drinking is done by means of investigating and finding the symbolic meanings of the parables and proverbs Jesus’ words. As is discussed in Thomas’s introductory saying and in saying 1.

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