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Thursday, 8 August 2019

lion becomes a man Gospel of Thomas Saying 7

Jesus says: "Blessed is the lion which a man eats so that the lion becomes a man. But cursed is the man whom a lion eats so that the man becomes a lion!"

Jesus is the lion of Judea (#Ge 49:9,10 Nu 24:9 Heb 7:14 Rev 5:5) The lion was often the symbol of royalty. Thus, the lion is a symbol of the King. And here are the symbolism of that which is good and desirable characteristic or quality: Majesty, courage, destructiveness to enemies symbolism Justice, attribute of “living creature” near the throne (Re 4:7) Jesus as royal majesty, King, executor of justice (Ge 49:9; Re 5:5) Yahweh (Isa 31:4; Ho 11:10) Israel (Mic 5:8)

Eating: From other sayings in Thomas, we may infer that the lion can be eaten only if it is killed and becomes a corpse compare Saying 11, 60. The lord Jesus tells us to eat his flesh. Thus his follower can only do this after his death

Thus “the lion will become man.” after Christ being formed within you after eating the meat of the word the lion (the king) will become a (new) man (in you) I must ask whether the conclusion of this logion ought not to read: [‘and the man will become lion’]. Anyway, they both make sense with this meaning

The Lion also represents the savage thoughts that arise within us
The lion was also used to symbolize human passions. Wicked men (e.g., Psa. 22:12, 13; 57:4; Prov. 28:15 1Pe 5:8).

As I have said above the lion can be eaten only if it is killed and becomes a corpse or the lion can only eat or devour the man if he is dead compare Saying 11, 60 For the lion to devour you first you must be dead that is spiritually dead.  eat or devour One's character, property, life, etc. See Mat 23:14; Hab 1:13; Psa 37:12

The lion will become a man this speaks of ignorance and evil taking over a man and turning a man into something less than a man. Therefore, we need to control our passions in order to transform us in to the image of Christ who is now the true image of God. 

7) Jesus said, "Blessed is the lion [the individual spirit consciousness who has been moved by the "spirit of the world" (sin 1Jo 2:16 ) exhibiting carnal (fleshly) nature] which becomes man [becomes enlightened by the "spirit of truth" one of the "Elect "] when consumed by man [when the spirit of truth in man gets mastery over the flesh and the world i.e. "kills the old man" i.e. devours the lion (beast) within]; and cursed is the man ["one who once tasted the free gifts of the spirit" (enlightenment)] whom the lion consumes [sin once again gets mastery over this one], and the lion becomes man [created in his own image i.e. the spirit of "anti-Christ" - "who went out from among us" (the Elect)]." 

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