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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Symbolic Meaning to Henry Sulley's Temple

Symbolic Meaning to Henry Sulley's Temple

The squared circle has been a popular theme in the occult and in Alchemy for centuries and it still an important symbol within it. The square represents the physical world, because it represents the four elements, the four cardinal directions, the four seasons etc. The circle represents the spirit because it is infinite and it goes out in all directions. 

 In ICorinthians 6:19 and in II Corinthians 6:16 we learn that man's body is the temple or house of God

Ezekiel's Temple is a symbol of the spiritual body of man. when he attain it, he will never again leave. This enduring temple is built in the understanding of Spirit as the one and only cause of all things..

Here You can see a diagram of Henry Sulley's Temple it is a circle within a square 

Ezekiel 40-48:35. This section is in the tone of Love and it speaks of the city foursquare and the temple’s measurements.

The 4 corners of the square represents the 4 letter of the name of God YHWH Yahweh the divine name

The circle represents the fellowship of the believers and fellowship with God by sharing his divine nature 2 peter 1:4

The circle therefore represents infinite or the Pleroma 

A squared circle represents the perfection of spirit and flesh combined.

The altar is representative of the divine presence” - therefore it must be at the center

It represents the perfection of Man

The circle is the symbol of wholeness and completion

It is a symbol of the One becoming the Many without ever ceasing to be the One.

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