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Thursday, 15 August 2019

The Seven Letters to the Churches Revelation 2

The Seven Letters to the Churches Revelation 2
The Revelations to John is a symbolic and mystical guidebook to help us move from the outward senses or the Psychical Realm of consciousness into the spiritual consciousness. It starts with the earthly realm and gives us inspiration to overcome challenges in our daily lives.

The Church at Ephesus

For loss of faith and the ability to deal with challenges

I AM FAITH. I know there is a perfect Design of creation. Each of us is a vital element in that design.  I know I am now acting in perfect harmony with that Design.

The Church at Smyrna
For being caught in the material world and its changes

I AM WISDOM. I distinguish what is breaking through from what is breaking down. I identify with what is breaking through and I release what is breaking down.

The Church at Pergamum
For straying from the Path when confused or afraid

I AM PATIENCE. The timing is not in my hands. I live in eternity. I act in the present. I am fulfilled. I surrender all need to know the timing, and act in joy.

The Church at Thyatira
For being judgmental, intolerant or passive

I AM POWER. To the degree that I empower others I am now empowered.

The Church at Sardis
For being afraid to trust the Inner Voice

I AM SURRENDER. Not my will, but thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

The Church at Philadelphia
For needing to be more compassionate and loving

I AM LOVE. I love God above all else, my neighbor as myself, and myself as a Natural Christ.

The Church at Laodicea

Laodicea meaning judgment of the people.

 It is our human judgment, our human way of exercising judgment.
Judgment is our ability to discern, to evaluate, and to make decisions. We know that discern means to be able to detect differences among things, to differentiate, discern, and evaluate is self explanatory, and then the most important function of judgment is to make decisions.
main functions of human judgment is of discernment and then making decisions, personal decisions, the lukewarm factor criticized here must pertain to our lack of true discernment, and our human reluctance and fear about making personal decisions. Many persons seem to become hesitant and fearful when they have to make an important decision, we know how common this is. Some persons dread the possibility of making a so-called wrong decision. So what do they do? They get very lukewarm, neither cold nor hot. So they fret, they delay, they waver. Should I? Or shouldn’t I? Will I be glad if I do? Or sorry if I don’t? So, it becomes a state of neither one thing or another, not hot, not cold, not yes, not no, not this way, not that way, but lukewarmness.
This state, which the Christ Mind in the letter, simply called lukewarm, refers to a state of not exercising, not developing our judgment by discerning and making definite decisions. And so, because this does not properly exercise our judgment, as long as we remain in this state, the Christ Mind declares this state of lukewarmness or practically nothingness in our judgment to be unsatisfactory.

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