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Friday, 3 April 2020

before he came into being gospel of thomas saying 19

gospel of thomas  saying 19 

Jesus said, "Blessed is that which exsted before coming into being. If you exist as my disciples and listen to my sayings, these stones will minister unto you. Indeed, you have five trees in paradise, which do not move in summer or winter, and whose leaves do not fall. Whoever is acquainted with them will not taste death."

A blessed one is he who came into being from the beginning, before he came to be. Another verion of this saying is found in the gospel of Philip 61. The Lord says: Blessed is he who is before he comes into being! For he who is, both was and shall be. (Rev/Ap 1:8; 4:8 11:17)

Here Jesus is giving some extra information to the question asked by the disciples from the above saying “tell us how our end will”? so Here Jesus is answering the question to saying 18 finding the beginning (the new creation) you will become a blessed one who came into being before he came into being (born again).

If you become disciples to me

19) Jesus said, "Blessed is he who came into being [was anointed (spirit baptized) from heaven (having inward substance)] before he came into being [was "anointed" (water baptized) by man (having only an outward form) for only the anointing spirit guides one into all truth]. If you become My disciples and listen to My words [the Keys to unlocking the mystery], these stones [the books (tablets of stone) i.e. scriptures)] will minister to you [they will reveal their hidden spiritual meanings to you]. (Jn 8:47, 52, 58; Jn 15:8. Mt 3:3; Lk 3:3 Saying 13 Mt 7:9)  For there are five trees [Tree of Knowledge (worldly wisdom full of subversion), Tree of Life (heavenly wisdom full of Truth - see Prov 3:18), some other trees to consider - Tree of the field, tree of oil - olive tree], for you in Paradise [we know a Fig Tree was in the garden for they hid themselves with its leaves - but we also know that they lose their leaves in winter just as their symbolic people did (Israel and Judah)] which remain undisturbed summer and winter and whose leaves [healing words] do not fall [so these must relate to Truth]. Whoever becomes acquainted with them [the Truth] will not experience death [it sets you free from it so the trees must be tied to the Word of Truth in some way (Pentateuch - first five books? more study needed]." (1 Enoch 3; 10:16; 24; 25:4; 93:2-5; Ps 1:3; 92:13; Isa 44:4; 61:3; Jer 17:8; Ode 11; Ode 38:17-22 Ode 

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