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Thursday, 12 December 2019

the beginning gospel of thomas saying 18

saying 18

18 The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us how our end will come to pass." Jesus said, "Then have you laid bare the beginning, so that you are seeking the end? For the end will be where the beginning is. Blessed is the person who stands at rest in the beginning. And that person will be acquainted with the end and will not taste death.

BEGINNING: "Archee"; signifying "first in order",

it is the beginning of a new, or spiritual "creation" in Christ. As there was a Sun, created or ordained in the heavens by God, in the Genesis-beginning when He decreed, "Let there be light", so likewise… "In the (new, spiritual) beginning" God testified of Christ: "Let there be light" (cp Gen 1:3 with 2Co 4:6; Mat 4:17; Mar 1:1; Luk 1:1,2; Act 10:37), and this time a new spiritual Light came into the world. And so God made and ordained His Son Jesus Christ the "beginning" and the first cause of His new spiritual creation (Rev 3:14).

It is instructive and significant that each gospel begins with a "beginning": cp Mat 1:1 (genesis); Mar 1:1 (archee); Luk 1:3 (anothen). And that the four gospel accounts are placed at the head of the New Testament. Here, in the coming of His Son, God has begun the work of His new, spiritual, "creation" -- the corner piece, the foundation stone of which is His Son.

Tell us about our end? What I see in this and other verses is that his disciples were usually thinking naturally while Jesus was usually answering spiritually. Like many naturally minded souls today, the disciples were worried about their death or their end or the end of the age. Jesus was basically saying: “what! You think you have found the beginning in other words have you then found Christ? Well if you have found Christ then you have also met the end of your old self. Now your new true self lives”. Thus we become a new creature in Christ this is a new beginning when we are born again as I have already said about being begotten from above, this is a twofold birth: first, from water which is the word, add v., and secondly, from the grave by the spirit the first begettal is putting on the Christ, than you become a new man this is becoming a new creature in Christ.

When you have done this you shall enter the Kingdom of the son of his love than the kingdom of God will be within you as hope in the heart as the one hope of the true with that the kingdom of God will be manifested on the earth. However, the second begettal you will still have the Kingdom within you but no longer as hope in the heart but fully manifest in you and upon the earth as it is in heaven the below become like the above, for this to happen the saints must become “spiritual bodies” or “spiritual flesh” as Paul says (add from bible) there are different type of flesh and as the Gospel of Philip says “the Lord rose from the dead, but he did not come into being as he was. Rather, his body was completely perfect. It was of flesh, and this flesh was true flesh. Our flesh is not true flesh, but only an image of the true” Gospel of Philip Nag Hammadi Scriptures p. 174. Thus after becoming spiritual flesh or true flesh only than can they “see” so as to possess the Kingdom of God

18) The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us how our end will be." Jesus said, "Have you discovered, then, the beginning [how the first Adam was in the life before he put his trust in the arm of flesh (doctrines of the serpent)], that you look for the end [the finishing of your faith in that fleshly mind]? For where the beginning is, there will the end be [of your spiritual journey (you must crucify "the old man")]. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning ["in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God" (all in all)]; he will know the end and will not experience death [for this one has gained everlasting life]."

"For even as, in Adam [flesh], all are dying [eventually for mankind's very nature which is carnal requires it], thus also, in Christ [spirit], shall all be vivified [eventually for angelic nature which is and means "strength" requires it]."  This is what we must come to understand and have rectified through our Savior "who is the author and finisher of our faith".  We must own our sins, repent of them and be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.  We must become as the last man Adam (who was in the beginning) perfected in spirit while still in the earth; and then we shall be transformed in the wink of an eye into Christ's (we will become as He is).

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  1. Look further back at the beginning, where the truth lies - an oxymoron - the truth lies within the light and in the light there is no darkness at all therefore nothing is hidden. To say, If you're seeking an absolute - that perfect pure decided truth - you won't find it, is hopelessness and this is the way of man for he doesn't know the way of the Lord. The truth, Jesus told us plainly, sets mens souls free and he wasn't lying when he said this. I do agree its a fine line to cross over and narrow is the way. Once the conception has been made through the power of the Holy Spirit (Wisdom and Christ) there is a conversion within - the little child is born in you of water and spirit and is not attached to the flesh and now is able to walk in the spirit while remaining in the flesh ; turn to Jesus and enter the narrow way you can't do this without knowing the truth, the absolute truth that sparks the light of Christ within the heart and mind. No man understood the way with the Lord and the way has been made ready for all who call on his name alone to go. Do understand there is no way you could make the way, you have to go the way with Jesus for there is only one saviour and one Lord and one King above all. Who understands the hidden mystery of Christ?