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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Gospel of Thomas saying 32

 Jesus says: "A city built on a high mountain, and which is strong, it is not possible that it should fall, and it cannot be hidden!"

This saying is about preaching or missionary work, the disciples are compared to a city the heavenly Jerusalem “being built on a high mountain” cp. Rev 21:10. The city is Yahweh’s house and is made up of all true believers (Jer 31:38; Rev 21:9-22). The high mountain is mount Zion the place where Yahweh elected he shall dwell among his people (Deut 12:11 Ps 132:14) and therefore symbolises the ecclesia (2Cor 6;16) Zion is a symbol of permanency (Ps 125:1). A true believer is a citizen of Zion (Ps 87:1-5) Ezekiel saw the literal mountain Ezek 40:2 as it will be after the earthquake shall have elevated Zion (zech 14:4,10)

The city cannot be hidden that is all nations shall flow to it and say teach us your ways for the law shall go out of Zion the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem. (Jer 3:17)
“that cannot be sieged.” or “Fortified“, that is fortified with the truth, the word of God, and the full amour of God which I have spoken about before in saying 21. When we put on the full amour of God Yahweh becomes our fortress 2sam 22:2 Ps 31:2

32)# Jesus said, "A city [new Jerusalem] being built on a high mountain [God's Kingdom] and fortified [faith being strengthened through tribulation (refining fire)] cannot fall ["the gates of hell shall not prevail against it"], nor can it be hidden [the whole world will eventually see it]." 

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