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Monday, 11 November 2019

Proclaiming Gospel of Thomas saying 33

Jesus says: "What thou hearest with thine ear, and the other ear, proclaim from the roof-tops! For no-one lights a lamp and puts it under a bushel or in a hidden place: but he puts it on the lamp-stand so that all who come in or go out should see the light."

The preaching here (proclaiming) is part of the above saying and it is also part of the next saying about the blind man being blind by having no light or lamp  

Those who ear the truth should preach it to others, in order that they may receive and benefit from it, sharing it with others and bringing others into the path and fellowship. The prophets and apostles of God have not extended the light to us in order for us to hide it, but rather that we might also engage in the divine labour of bearing that light in the world. Everyone has a part in the responsibility of the ministry of the truth and bringing other souls to the way

The light is the understanding of the truth in the love thereof. this light is the word. The word is the oil, which, being burnt in the mind, sheds forth light, as Jesus commands (“Let your light shine”). To “let the word of Christ dwell in us richly” as Paul exhorts, is to keep oil in the vessel with the lamp. And the lamp-stands are the Ecclesias the church the body of Christ

33)# #Jesus said, "That [parable] which you will hear in your [lower/outward (fleshly)] ear {in the other ear [when you process it through your higher/inward (spiritual) ear]} Preach from your housetops [the ecclesias in your houses]. ####For no one lights a lamp [fills one with the spirit of Truth] and puts it under a measure [holds him back or diminishes his ability to enlighten others as the religious leaders do], nor does he put it in a hidden place [this is why He doesn't; "take us out of the world" and why the religious leaders tell you "'Lo here' or 'Lo there'" as if we cannot find it within], but rather he sets it on a lampstand [a called-out one (ecclesia)] so that everyone who enters [the Kingdom] and leaves [the world/Babylonian religious system] will see its light." 

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