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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Rather, you have come to be like Pharisees Gospel of Thomas Saying 43

Saying 43 (43) His disciples said to him, "Who are you, since you say these things to us?" <Jesus said to them>, "Do you (plur.) not understand who I am from the things I am saying to you? Rather, you have come to be like Jews. For they love the tree, and hate its fruit. And they love the fruit, and hate the tree.

Here the Jews are the Pharisees the leaders of the Jews who love the tree but hate its fruit that is love spiritual teaching but hate spiritual practices. What Jesus is saying here is that we must not become double-minded or two faced about our faith It takes its point of departure from John 8:25, where the Jews ask Jesus who he is; they know neither him nor his Father (John 8:19). Thomas has transferred the question to the disciples so that Jesus can say that they are 'like the Jews.' The Jews do not understand that the nature of the tree is identical with that of the fruit (Matthew 7:16-20; Luke 6:43-44). And in both Matthew and Luke the discussion of trees and fruits is followed by a rebuke to those who call Jesus 'Lord' but do not obey him.

"With an image corresponding to saying 45.1, in v. 3 Jesus compares the disciples with Jews who want to separate tree and fruit or fruit and tree. However, for the disciples it is a matter of knowing Jesus exclusively from his words (v. 2) as they are to be found in the Gospel of Thomas."

43) #His disciples said to him, "Who are You, that You should say these things to us [the Christo-pagans]?" <Jesus said to them,> "You do not realize who I am [the same Word who  brought forth the declarations of the Old Testament and the Prophets] from what I say to you [His teachings reflected the true meanings of the scriptures which they could not grasp yet were designed to open up the minds of those whose hearts (soil) were able receive His Word (seed) that they might leave off from "the letter which kills" (religion)], but you [disciples above] have become like the Jews [hard hearted and steadfast in keeping with the outward forms of worship (customs, traditions, ordinances) in the image of man], ##for they (either) love the tree [the Old Testament (covenant)] and hate its fruit [the hidden manna (the Word in its higher/inward (spiritual) sense) which all pointed to Jesus coming and the new Covenant in His blood] or love the fruit [Jesus and His teachings] and hate the tree [the OT Scriptures (the Law)]." 

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