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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Gospel of Thomas Saying 44

Saying 44
Here Jesus must have just performed a miracle casting out a demon. (Saying 35) Now the Pharisees must have blasphemed the miracle(s) that he had dome by the power of the Holy Spirit in him. He had spoken to them about the Father and they said they did not know the Father. They said he was mad but they blasphemed by saying it was by Satan or Beelzbul. what they should have done is what the crowed did and prased God.
The phrase 'neither on earth nor in heaven', is used here as eschatological (as in the Lord's Prayer, Matthew 6:10). cf. Matthew 12.32: 'neither in this age nor in the age to come'. Thomas has changed 'Son of Man' to 'Son' (retained in Saying 86), The sequence Father-Son-Holy Spirit reflects Christian teaching (cf., Matthew 28:19)." which are a single name of the Eternal spirit self styled Yahweh.

44)### Jesus said, "Whoever blasphemes [speaks out - i.e. teaches false doctrine (this in a word is "religion")] against the Father [the Old Testament scriptures (the Jewish System of worship did this)] will be forgiven [these may repent, turn around and be healed to this day], and whoever blasphemes [ditto] against the Son [the New Testament scriptures (the "Christian" system of worship does this still)] will be forgiven [ditto], but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit [the spirit of truth that has guided one into all Truth (having been given the Keys of Knowledge) - if one has received the spiritual meanings of the scriptures it should move that one to repent, turn around, and be healed and find life; "For [it is] impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Spiritt, And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, and falling aside, to be renewing them again unto repentance while crucifying for themselves the Son of God again and holding Him up to infamy. For land [the heart] which is drinking the shower coming often on it [spiritual understandings of the Word], and bringing forth herbage [healing words] fit for those because of whom it is being farmed [the Elect] also, is partaking of blessing from God; yet, bringing forth thorns and star thistles [falsified teachings for worldly gain as the ministers of the world do], it is disqualified and near a curse, whose consummation is into burning."] will not be forgiven [if they do not repent in the burning, they will be condemned by it] either on earth [worldly arguments will be compelling] or in heaven [heavenly arguments will be compelling]." 

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