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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Gospel of Thomas Saying 51

Saying 51
Here when you die to your sins and you find yourself in rest from your old life as you beginning your new life. So here Jesus is speaking about the spiritual dead and not those in the grave and these living dead only enter into rest and the age of grace when they die to their sins and the world and are reborn by the water the spirit-word then they shall be alive. First you must realize that you are a slave to sin and recognize what freedom is, in order to seek and find it. The path to true enlightenment and liberation is through the true knowledge of God and Christ Jesus.

We are dead to our sins by being baptized into Christ’s death and have put on Christ that is the Christ-consciousness which is the moral or spiritual resurrection Rom 6:2-11 Col 2:20. thus the Moral Regeneration, which must precede in probation, the corporeal in the resurrection state. unless we experience the spiritual resurrection in this life, we will not experience the resurrection of the body on the last day of this age. Or Dead to the law Rom 7:4 Gal 2:19. In the moral process "the New Man" is "begotten," or conceived, when the sinner perceives "the truth as it is in Jesus;" and he is "quickened" unto a new and independent life, when the truth works in him to will and to do the good pleasure of Deity. If he stop short of the quickening in moral or incorporeal gestation, he is a mere abortion; but, if in the moral, the process is matured in a "faith that works by love and purifies the heart," the immersed believer is addressed in these words, to whit: "And you hath He quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins… together with Christ." (EPH 2:1 EPH 2:5) It will be perceived by the thoughtful, that there is necessarily a marked interval between the moral conception and the quickening of the dead in sin. An unquickened intelligent sinner is a theorist - a speculator in divine thoughts, which have no moral influence over him; while a quickened sinner has become circumcised of heart and ears, "the workmanship of Deity," "created by knowledge after His own image. (EPH 2:10 COL 3:10).

4. A Gentile does not die, for he has never lived in order that he may die. He who has believed in the truth has found life, and this one is in danger of dying, for he is alive. 5. The system is contrived, the cities are constructed, the dead are carried out. (Gen 12:1-3, Isa 40:17, Mt 24:9, Rev/Ap 18, Lk 9:60,
Resurrection before one dies

Gospel of Philip 56:15-20; 56:27-57:12; 66:1623; 73:1-8; 74:13-16; 74:18-21.

See also Psa 141:7; Prov 3:35; 13:9; John 14:19; Rom 6:3-6; 8:4,11,17,18; 1 Cor 15:31; 2 Cor 1:5,9; 2:15-16 4:10,11; 5:15; 13:4; Col 1:24; 2:12,13,20; 3:1-4,10; Gal 2:20; 5:24; 6:17; Eph 2:1-6; 4:10, 2 Tim 2:11; 1 Pet 3:12; 4:13;

The rest is the power of Christ 2Cor 12:9 Mt 11:28-30. Jesus’ teaching is easy and not a burden like the law. Cp. Saying 90

The new world is the age of grace from the time that Jesus preached the good news for the first time until the kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven is the new world but when the kingdom comes then there will be a new heaven and a new earth which is another new world a new age than comes the end of that world and then after the 1000 years the ages of the ages beginnings which has no end. Ro 6:2 Ro 6:7 Ro 6:11 Ro 6:13 Ro 8:10 1Jo 5:16 Ro 7:5 Eph 2:1 Eph 2:5 Col 2:13 1Pe 2:24 Eph 2:6 Col 3:1 ¶ 1Ti 5:6 1Jo 3:14 ¶ Re 3:1 ¶

51) His disciples said to Him, "When will the repose of the dead [the reposing saints who physically died before Christ ascended] come about, and when will the new earth come?" He said to them, "What you look forward to has already come [the dead were raised up after Jesus visited them in "the heart of the earth" (those who could receive Him)  (Mat 27:52-54) since the "new earth" is only found within us - "the Kingdom comes without observation"], but you do not recognize it [the Keys of Knowledge were hidden from them by those who crept in and subverted the truth so they would not recognize what is in front of them]." 

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