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Saturday, 21 December 2019

A Pearl in Mud The Gospel of Philip

A Pearl in Mud

If a pearl is thrown into mud, it will not lose its value, and if it is anointed with balsam, it will not increase its value. It is always precious in its owner’s eyes. Likewise, the children of God are precious in the eyes of the father, whatever their circumstances of life.
God's love for his born again sons never fails. whatever their circumstances of life they are still loved eternally
When the pearl [the “pearl” which is Christ who is the Word – if you have “Christ in you” you too become a pearl] is cast down into the mud [those who cannot “hear the word” will bring you down to the level of natural man – wet clay], it becomes greatly despised [those who love the lie despise truth and you become a pariah to them], nor if it is anointed with balsam oil will it become more precious [balsam oil is used to make something smell better than it would otherwise i.e. some will stroke the ego of a pearl seeking favor but this will not change the pearl]. But it always has value in the eyes of its owner [the Father who sent the first pearl, the Messiah who “sold all that He had in order to buy the field” (world) in which the pearl is found]. Compare the Sons of God: wherever they may be, they still have value in the eyes of their Father (Philip 34)

A pearl's value is not affected by its circumstances. If it is thrown into the mud, it is no less valuable. If it is anointed with precious oil, it is no more valuable. Its value is intrinsic. It is the same with the children of the Elohim. Whatever circumstances they may be in, their value does not change in the eyes of their Divine Parents.

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