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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Children of the Perfect Human gospel of philip

Children of the Perfect Human

The heavenly person has more children than the earthly person. If the children of Adam are numerous but die, how much more numerous are the children of the perfect human, who do not die but are continually being born.

A father produces children but a child cannot produce children. One who has just been born cannot be a parent. Rather, a child gets brothers and sisters, not children.

All who are born in the world are born of nature, and the others [are nourished] from where they are born. People [are] nourished from the promise of the heavenly place. [If they would be]…from the mouth, from which the word comes, [59] they would be nourished from the mouth and would be perfect.
The perfect conceive and give birth through a kiss. That is why we also kiss each other. We conceive from the grace within each other.

Contrast between Christ and Adam (Rom 5:12 1 Cor 15:45) 

in spite of death the sons of Adam mortal men are many the sons of the heavenly man however do not die but their numbers are continually being added to as each generation comes to the knowledge of the truth 

The heavenly man [Jesus who passes on (sows) the seed of the Father] has many more sons than the earthly man [Adam]. If the sons of Adam are many, although they die [in the flesh], how much more the sons of the perfect man [who have “Christ in them” and have received Holy Spirit], they who do not die but are always begotten [as spirit sons of the Father]. The father makes a son [Jesus “the first…” and His disciples], and the son has not the power to make a son [for Himself until he has matured and taken a wife]. For he who has been begotten [of the Father] has not the power to beget [the Father draws those who will be begotten to Him through Christ not the other way around], but the son gets brothers for himself [Jesus was the “firstborn in many brothers” not the father of many sons], not sons. All who are begotten in the world are begotten in a natural way [conceived by the lusts of the flesh (fallen nature)], and the others [those begotten in the spirit] are nourished from the place whence they have been born [the heavenly realm – the second birth]. It is from being promised to the heavenly place that man receives nourishment [not by our own will or works - during the path to spiritual maturity, men are fed (milk) first by our mother (holy spirit) who leads us into all truth (the spirit of the Word) until we are able to eat “meat” i.e. discern the spiritual meaning of the Word coming to know the Father and the Son intimately]. [...] him from the mouth. And had the word gone out from that place, it would be nourished from the mouth and it would become perfect. For it is by a kiss [the Word of God is passed on to those He loves (they receive this word when their hearts are made ready to receive it)] that the perfect conceive and give birth [to “born again” sons of God within their heart]. For this reason we also kiss one another [speak the wisdom of the Word as an act of love for building each other up]. We receive conception [“Christ in you”] from the grace which is in one another (Philip 21) [compassion and forgiveness for one another is how we become a “Christ” as compared to “a Christian”]. 

The Divine Ones have infinitely more progeny than mortals. Mortals produce a finite number of children and die, but the immortal Elohim produce progeny forever because they never die; they are Eternally Begetting and Always Begotten. Parents produce children, but children cannot produce children. Children acquire siblings, but Parents acquire children. This is according to the Law of Relative Relationships. Birth is a physical event, but rebirth is a metaphysical event. Those who call on Divine Anthropos are born again, for they have seen his vision and believed his word. They desire to be nourished by the word flowing from the mouth of the Father and Mother, and the word of their mouth will nourish and perfect them. Those who have been perfected, conceive and give birth through a Kiss. This is the reason we kiss one another; through kissing, we may conceive from the Light which flows among us.

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  1. "A father produces children but a child cannot produce children. One who has just been born cannot be a parent. Rather, a child gets brothers and sisters, not children." A father produces his seed into the cell of the mother who is in darkness. The seed of the father enters into good soil. The mother is not the same as the father. Mother is able to be in both light and darkness at the same time. She is blamed, hated, loved and honoured. Its over - the true children of the Father of lights will hear me the mother of the living. It as simple as it gets, turn to Jesus he's on your left side drawing the right in you to let go of the world while you remain within. Follow simple instructions, cost you nothing, if you don't know Jesus as your personal lord and saviour, then I suppose you'll mock the way and stick to the right doing time until death swallows up what's left. <3 Mary Christ Jesus is Lord.