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Monday, 16 December 2019

Christ Has Everything The Gospel of Philip

Christ Has Everything

Christ has everything within himself, whether human or angel or mystery, and the father

First compare colossians 1:25 John 10:30 see  also the gospel of philip  He appeared to the angels as an angel, and to men as a man. 

Jesus revealed himself to the angels as an angel and to men as a man 

For mystery cp the Gospel of Truth which brings the words hidden mystery and the name of Jesus Christ together 

How did the lord proclaim things while he was in flesh and after he had revealed himself to be the son of god? He lived in this world that you live in, speaking about the law of nature, which I call death. And more, Rheginos, the son of god became a human son. He embraced both qualities, possessing humanity and divinity so he could, by being the son of god, conquer death, and, by being the human son, restore the pleroma.  At the beginning he was above as a seed of truth, which was before the cosmos came into being.  In the cosmic structure many dominions and divinities have come into being. The Treatise on the Resurrection

The Treatise on the Resurrection says the son of God was also son of man possessing both manhood and deity and that restoration into the pleroma might take place through the son of man

In the Gospel of John, there is a statement of Jesus where He compared Himself with a vine: its trunk is above the surface of the Earth, and the root is stretched from the Abode of the Father. Since He is present as the Consciousness everywhere, He can veraciously tell people about the highest eons and represent the Father in the material world.

Christ has everything in himself, whether man, or angel, or mystery, and the Father [which is what all of the sons will receive when they ascend the spiritual ladder of comprehension by their love of the truth and for their brothers](Philip 14).

The True Christ embodies everything; he is mortal, angel, and God, although the reality of this remains a mystery until you are truly enlightened.

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  1. What I'm picking up is - you seem to imagine Christ as in everything and embodies everything and you're not understanding how it is you become a Christ with Lord Jesus. This guru way of thinking is in error. We're the children - or at least those who've received Jesus Christ as their personal lord and saviour have the Father of lights in them who is Christ. We're in the II coming and its time to let go of the right in this world, its in error, off by a hair called one degree and if you don't follow simple instructions its a mortal death you'll have in this organic body.