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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Father, Son, Holy Spirit The Gospel of Philip

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Father and son are simple names, holy spirit is a double name. They are everywhere, above and below, in the hidden and in the visible. The holy spirit is in the visible, and then it is below, and the holy spirit is in the hidden, and then it is above.
The holy spirit is a double name as consisting of two words . 

The terms father and son apply to both heaven and earth  having both a literal and metaphorical meanings unlike holy spirit.  whereas holy spirit is revealed on earth and hidden in heaven

father and son 

the whole cosmic order here seems to be summed up under the four terms above below invisible visible, below are the visible things of this world and above are the invisible things of the pleroma

"The Father" and "the Son" are single names [“single eyed” expressing the perfect Law of Love and character as One in nature from the beginning]; "the Holy Spirit" is a double name [this is the power of “elohim” which “moves” all things whether visible (in man in the form of individual spirit consciousness manifest outwardly) or invisible (universal spirit that “moves” man to do the will of the Father manifest inwardly) – the holy spirit will move us according to our heart and its desires whether it be in harmony with the Father or in opposition to the Father.  There is a continual battle for supremacy between the spirit and the flesh in our minds which is what makes us “double minded” (I think they call it “bi-polar” today!)]. For they are everywhere: they are above [in the angelic realm (higher in stature due to righteousness)], they are below [in the human realm (lower in stature due to fleshly lusts)]; they are in the concealed [the inner (our thoughts and feelings)], they are in the revealed [the outer (expressed in our acts and deeds)]. The Holy Spirit is in the revealed: it is below [the “outside” i.e. in the physical realm]. It is in the concealed: it is above [the “inside” the spiritual realm] (Philip 23).

Father and Son are single names, but Holy Spirit is a double name. Father and Son are above, but Holy Spirit is above and below. Father and Son are personally present above, but they are present through Holy Spirit above and below.

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  1. Exodus 26:31-33 tells us that the Veil was woven of blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and fine linen. It was woven with artistic cherubim in its pattern and not a mesh and it's written the veil was rent in two. What was once one is now divided. The Father of lights has never been a Son, for there is no one before him that he should call himself a Son : the Father of the Christ is not a god at all for who is before him that he should compare himself to? The Son came forth from the Father through the Mother who through the Word asked and did receive as He hearing did see that the asking was good and agreed. This is how the only begotten Son who is the Christos came to be the spark of all humanity and through Wisdoms fall no fault of her own came for life from him through her. How the Son is one with the Father is simply this, He too now has children called his own who are we. The Son now has a body now called his own who is She. There is no way to come into the Fathers presence unless you go the way with the Son who is He and if you don't know who he is then this would be the time to ask God for Wisdom who is She. Thanks for posting