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Friday, 27 December 2019

Marriage The Gospel of Philip

The mystery of marriage is great. [Without] it, the world would [not] exist. The existence of [the world depends on] people, and the existence [of people depends on] marriage. Then think of the power of [pure] intercourse, though its image [65] is defiled.

Great is the mystery of marriage! For without it, the world would not exist [this must be speaking of the great union of thought in thought, water in water, i.e. the whole reason for the world to exist that it might bring forth sons]. Now the existence of the world [...], and the existence of [...] marriage. Think of the [...] relationship, for it possesses [...] power. Its image consists of a defilement. (Philip 45)

Marriage is one of the greatest mysteries. The Patriarchal Order of Marriage is the basis of all existence. When that mystery does not exist on the mortal plane, all that is mortal begins to die. Eventually the mortal realm would cease to exist if the mystery of Patriarchal Marriage did not infuse new Life into it. Mortals practice an appearance of marriage, which reproduces their own image, but only the sanctified have the knowledge to reproduce the Divine Image on the physical plane. 

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