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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Naked and Not Naked The Gospel of Philip

Naked and Not Naked

Some people are afraid that they may arise from the dead naked, and so they want to arise in flesh. They do not know that it is those who wear the [flesh] who are naked. Those who are [able] to take it off are not naked.

“Flesh [and blood will] not inherit God’s kingdom.” What is this flesh that will not [57] inherit? It is what we are wearing. And what is this flesh that will inherit? It is the flesh and blood of Jesus.

For this reason he said, “One who does not eat my flesh and drink my blood does not have life within.” What does this mean? His flesh is the word and his blood is the holy spirit. Whoever has received these has food, drink, and clothing.
And I also disagree with others who say that the flesh will not arise. Both views are wrong. You say that the flesh will not arise? Then tell me what will arise, so we may salute you. You say it is the spirit in the flesh, and also the light in the flesh? But what is in the flesh is the word, and what you are talking about is nothing other than flesh. It is necessary to arise in this sort of flesh, since everything exists in it.
In this world those who wear clothes are superior to the clothes. In heaven’s kingdom the clothes are superior to those who wear them.

Some are afraid lest they rise naked [this is the false (carnal) reasoning that Adam and Eve conceived after the fall]. Because of this they wish to rise in the flesh [they labor to accrue their own power and glory by making their own fruitless garments], and they do not know that it is those who wear the flesh who are naked [these are ignorant of the Truth and continue to covet the things of the world, these have not even the capacity to reject the truth as they have not yet found it]. It is those who [...] to unclothe themselves who are not naked [likely “it is those who [are not afraid] to unclothe themselves” – not afraid to look in the mirror and see their own nakedness (their own reckless behavior] and take steps to correct it]. What is this which will not inherit?

This which is on us ["Flesh and blood (the carnal nature) shall not inherit the kingdom of God" –]. But what is this, too, which will inherit [the same body only it is now recognized as a holy temple conceiving a Christ within it]? It is that which belongs to Jesus and his blood [the body comprised of those whom He “redeemed from among men” by His seed, the promise]. Because of this he said "He who shall not eat my flesh [receive the Word and digest it believing it to be true] and drink my blood [receive the spirit of Christ, i.e. the will of the Father and the anointing that comes with it] has not life in him". What is it? His flesh is the word [as opposed to our flesh which is falsehood and desires emanating from the 5 physical senses giving rise to our carnal nature)], and his blood is the Holy Spirit [the unction of spirit which makes us One in Him so that we might receive that perfect Law in our hearts guiding us in Agape Love and selfless giving]. He who has received these [both the “Word” “Christ in you” and “holy spirit” anointing] has food [accurate knowledge of the truth] and he has drink [the fountain of life – the Spirit of Truth which he becomes himself – “no one shall ask his brother for all will know Me”] and clothing [that white robe which is visible by outward acts of love and compassion]. I find fault with the others who say that it [the “body”] will not rise. Then both of them are at fault. You say that the flesh will not rise. But tell me what will rise, that we may honor you [the “body” of Christ, that “new creation”!]. You say the Spirit in the flesh [wrong – “in the body” the flesh (sarx) is not the body (soma) the ways of the flesh must be sacrificed that the newly formed son within the body might grow], and it is also this light [spiritual enlightenment] in the flesh [again wrong, for the same reason above]. (But) this too is a matter which is in the flesh [i.e. it is carnal thinking and those saying it do not apprehend the truth], for whatever you [the “natural man”] shall say, you say nothing outside the flesh. It is necessary to rise in this flesh [again, we must all enter the “water below” i.e. become individual living souls, “sown first in a physical body”], since everything exists in it [cryptically this is saying that “the kingdom is inside of you”, “the body of Christ” for our “body is the temple” and our heart is the “bridal chamber” where the sons of the Kingdom are conceived by becoming One in spirit to do the will of the Father]. In this world, those who put on garments are better than the garments [the individual spirit dwelling within the body is better than the physical body they have put on]. In the Kingdom of Heaven, the garments are better than those that put them on [the individual spirit receives the Father’s robe which is far greater than the “body” as those that put it on are glorified by it for it is the Fathers own character] (Philip 17).

Some are offended when you suggest that they may rise naked from the tomb. They want to come up with their bodies clothed as though they were mortal. Were the Aadamah clothed when they lived in the full Light of the Elohim in the Garden of Eden, or was it after they had submitted to the gods of darkness that they clothed themselves? The body is not a shameful thing to be hidden away behind layers of illusion; it is the warped mind which requires this that is shameful.

The apostle says that a body in which the life-force is blood will not be able to inherit the heavenly realm. What will be unable to inherit? It is the body which is enlivened by mortal blood. What will be able to inherit? It is the body which is enlivened by the blood of Jesus. The body which is enlivened by the blood of Jesus is a part of the body of Christ. This is the reason the Lord Jesus said, "The person who does not eat my body and drink my blood is not alive." Don't you realize that his body is the Word and his blood is the Holy Spirit? Blood is mortal, but Spirit is its inner reality. The body is mortal, but the Word is its inner reality. What is the Word? When you learn and internalize the Generative Word, your body will live, enlivened by the Holy Spirit, the blood of Christ. When you receive the bread and wine, the body and blood of our Lord, what are you receiving? Is it not the Generative Word and the Holy Spirit? Meditate on this concept until you perceive the realities of your own existence.

I am not suggesting that the physical body will not be resurrected. Would you be yourself if you did not include your physical body? When you enter the spirit world, you will not be complete, and you will know that you are not complete. Only when your spirit is reunited with your physical body will you be complete, but while they are separated, your spirit will still be able to say "I AM," while your physical body will neither know nor say anything. While neither is nonessential to you, this is the difference between the spirit and the physical body. Your spirit is your Inner Light which came from the Elohim, but now that it has been embodied, it can never again be complete without its physical body.

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