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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Prayer of Thanksgiving The Gospel of Philip

Prayer of Thanksgiving

He said on that day in the prayer of thanksgiving,
You who have united perfect light with holy spirit,
unite the angels also with us, as images.
We learn from Theodotus: Excerpta ex Theodoto it is the Christ-aeon above who prays the light is the savior jesus who is united with the mother or spirit

He said on that day in the thanksgiving, "You who have joined the perfect light [having received the knowledge of the truth i.e. conceived to the son by having “Christ in you”] with the Holy Spirit, unite the angels with us also [the veil is now rent within our hearts and we can see that we are one with “elohim” having the “power to become sons”], as being the images [of our heavenly Father and not of the world “in His image”].

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