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Monday, 9 December 2019

Sorrow and Suffering Gospel of Thomas Saying 58

Gospel of Thomas Saying 58

(58) Jesus said: Blessed is the man who has suffered; he has found life.

This life is naturally fraught with sorrow and suffering and great challenges. Trials and tribulations come and go and they are unavoidable. If you must endure sorrow and suffering, than let it not be without purpose and meaning. Seek to draw from it the blessings that may be found in it, so that when the period of sorrow or suffering has passed, you will have the good from it. When you meet the challenges of life in this way, you will naturally be blessed and your faith will grow stronger and you will find life.

58)# Jesus said, "Blessed is the [spiritual] man who has suffered [for the testimony of Jesus] and found life [Christ in you, the hope of glory - who gives one the Keys of Knowledge of the Kingdom so they too become a fountain of life to others]."

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  1. Love is hard work. God is Love. So, the only way we can know love is to take on tasks and service and endure suffering as a means to becoming beacons of love, extensions of God (service-wise). You cannot love without effort, and sometimes that effort requires hardship, pain, suffering, and trials. Good post.