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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

the archons daniel 7

The four winds of heaven could be four angelic rulers of the heavens, and the wind means four types of leadership to be given to four different types of leaders who all shall not be in power at the same time.

These leaders shall be born out of the race of mankind which is the sea.

The First Leader........... The Lion, he shall rule for a short period of time, then will be force to advocate his seat of authority and live as a citizen.

The Bear........... A strong leader by whose very spoken word shall cause fear and death to befall a great and large number of people to die and as long as he is in power he shall fear none.

The Leopard......... The third angel ( wind) shall endow four governments ( country leaders) to rule together as one nation.

The leadership and governing system of the previous beast shall still stand until the fourth beast arises to power.

The Fourth Beast........ This beast and his angel shall not make themselves known openly as the the three beast before it but shall appoint and set up ten nations who shall be under it's authority.

By this Angel's command the fourth beast shall put to an end the previous governing system, beliefs and leadership, that was set up by the former angels who gave power to their leaders, establishing a new system of leadership that angel who has given it's power to the Beast over them.

This beast by the word from it's angel shall offer peace to this world, once this peace has Been established then all power shall be given to that angel while the people will be forced to worship it through it's Image, it is after this shall sudden destruction come upon all nations and men then shall the end of things come.

The fourth wind and beast is the religious beliefs and churches that shall come into power and many shall die and kill in the name of their beliefs the churches are ignorant of Christ and preach that ignorance, but Christ will save those who truly believe in him although the preaching of the churches are foolishness, this is what we must unlearn.

the archons can be called the great winds that give power to the beasts, and the archons are beasts themselves,

But I say to you brothers and sisters has not the first wind come and the first Beast soon to Rise.

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