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Friday, 27 December 2019

The Dye Works of Levi The Gospel of Philip

The Dye Works of Levi
The master went into the dye works of Levi, took seventy-two colored cloths, and threw them into a vat. He drew them out and they all were white. He said, “So the child of humankind has come as a dyer.”

The Lord went into the dye works of Levi [those of the priesthood who were entrusted with the Word (the "letter", the Law].  He took seventy-two different colors [individuals with different character traits] and threw them into the vat. He took them out all white [sanctified them as high priests that they might offer sacrifices as sin offerings as a symbol of things to come]. And he said, "Even so has the Son of Man [Jesus] come as a dyer." [He is our High Priest who brought us Truth in the “spirit of the Word” that we might all be sanctified by Him] (Philip 40)

The Lord went to Levi's house. He watched Levi's employees dying yarn. Picking up a handful of threads, he dipped them into the vat and brought them out again. "The Son of Man has also come to dye everyone who desires to be pure," he explained. 

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