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Saturday, 21 December 2019

The Holy Spirit and Evil Forces The Gospel of Philip

The Holy Spirit and Evil Forces

Evil forces serve the saints, for they have been blinded by the holy spirit into thinking they are helping their own people when they really are helping the saints.

So a disciple once asked the master for something from the world, and he said, “Ask your mother, and she will give you something from another realm.”
ever powers or rulers are tricked by the holy spirit

The rulers thought they did all they did by their own power and will, but the holy spirit was secretly accomplishing all through them by the spirit’s will.

The saints are served by evil powers [falsehood (sarx)–the evil powers love the lie due to the power it gives them to “lord it over” the saints], for they [the evil powers] are blinded by the Holy Spirit into thinking that they are serving an (ordinary) man [they are the religious and political rulers who cannot discern the things of the spirit and believe the saints are just ignorant natural men like themselves] whenever they do so for the saints [the saints who “do as they say but not as they do” are actually made stronger by suffering their injustices]. Because of this, a disciple [not said to be a “saint”] asked the Lord one day for something of this world [to satisfy the lusts of his flesh]. He said to him, "Ask your mother [“your” seems to signify other than the “holy” spirit, so likely the spirit of his belly], and she will give you of the things which are another's [Jesus knew that this disciple’s heart was not ready for the Truth and this is a cryptic way for Philip to tell us that we all have the power to generate what it is we “want” if our will is strong enough to get it. But the danger is that we are often misguided by our own heart idols and this can bring harm to ourselves and others as is expressed by Jesus when He says “another’s” – the “things of the world” are not in accord with God’s will but of the individual will which are often subjectively governed by evil powers (thoughts).  In such a nature, your gain usually comes at the expense of another - “who am I to judge another’s” was the term Jesus used with regard to those of the world for these are still at enmity with God and still belong to “another” i.e. influenced by the “pride of life” in the flesh]." (Philip 24)

The saints are served by powers of darkness, for the minds of the dark lords are warped so that they do not know what they are doing; they think they are serving darkness when they are serving Light. This is what happened in the Garden of Eden. When the gods of darkness tried to deceive the Aadamah, thinking they were increasing the power of darkness, they were actually furthering the cause of Light. Once, when a disciple asked the Lord for some physical thing, he replied, "You are approaching the wrong lord; learn to govern all the powers through proper principles, and there is nothing you cannot acquire or accomplish."

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  1. "Ask your mother, and she will give you something from another realm." Who is your mother ; who is SHE whom you're to ask? Do you ask for the truth? Who is able to handle the word of God rightly without division bringing the All into unity with His Light and Love? Let Wisdom have Her way as Christ shines His light this day on each soul to enter in set free from flesh and blood not longer held in sin! Let the children of the living God come forth out of man while they remain within! <3 Mary Christ Jesus is Lord