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Sunday, 29 December 2019

The Mystery of the Virgin Birth The Gospel of Philip

The Mystery of the Virgin Birth
It is necessary to utter a mystery. The father of all united with the virgin who came down, and fire shone on him.

On that day that one revealed the great bridal chamber, and in this way his body came into being.
On that day he came forth from the bridal chamber as one born of a bridegroom and a bride.
So Jesus established all within it, and it is fitting for each of the disciples to enter into his rest.
Indeed, one must utter a mystery. The Father of everything [every thought and every atom are created by Him and for Him] united [joined His male seed] with the virgin who came down [the female spirit who came to be formed in the physical body of Emmanuel/Jesus] and a fire shone/blazed for him on that day [the day of conception as a Son of God “Though art my Son, this day have I begotten thee”]. He appeared in the great bridal chamber [one cannot receive this seed unless already in the bridal chamber (your heart)].  (Philip 66)

Therefore his body came into being [as the “head” (cap) stone of a new creation, the temple of His (spiritual) body which is made of many “stones” (other brothers)] on that very day [of conception]. It left the bridal chamber [when the body died] as one who came into being from the bridegroom [the Father] and the bride [the individual spirit consciousness of Christ]. So Jesus established everything in it through these [by re-opening the veil of flesh that was closed in Philip 64 above from top to bottom allowing the two to become One again]. It is fitting for each of the disciples to enter into his rest [i.e. come to apprehension of sonship and conform to Christ in us - the only true sabbath rest]. In my Father's mansion there are many bridal chambers [the Fathers mansions are each and every one of us for we as living souls make up the mansions and our hearts are its bridal chambers remember, “the Kingdom is inside of you”!]! (Philip 67)

The conception of the Son of the Elohim is a great mystery. The Father descended to the Holy of Holies at that time to mingle with a pure Virgin. From their mingled substance proceeded the Divine Redeemer. It is this event that is reenacted in the bridal chamber; the Divine nature overshadows the mortal, filling it with the Divine substance. From this mingled substance emerges the Christ nature in the sanctified ones. In this manner, the Divine Redeemer continually descends to renew the mortal plane. 

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