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Sunday, 29 December 2019

This World, the Resurrection, and the Middle The Gospel of Philip

This World, the Resurrection, and the Middle
A person is either in this world or in the resurrection—or in the middle place. May I not be found there! In this world there is good and evil, but the good of the world is not really good and the evil of the world is not really evil. After this world there is evil that is really evil: this is called the middle. The middle is death. As long as we are in this world, we should acquire resurrection, so that when we take off the flesh we may be found in rest and not wander in the middle. For many go astray on the way.

And so he [man] dwells either in this world [ignorant of the Christ and the mystery of sonship - i.e. this one is "cold"] or in the resurrection [Jesus said; “I am the resurrection” so one must become a Christ - this one is "hot"] or in the middle place [having rejected Christ after once receiving this knowledge of sonship - this one is "lukewarm"]. God forbid that I be found in there! In this world, there is good and evil [the tree that leads to death – time to move on to the tree of life]. Its good things are not good, and its evil things not evil [because they are judged by us in our state of ignorance]. But there is evil after this world which is truly evil - what is called "the middle". It is death [the second – which seems to come after the thousand years has ended for those who “missed the mark” of the “first resurrection”]. While we are in this world, it is fitting for us to acquire the resurrection [become as Christ], so that when we strip off the flesh [physically die or are changed in the twinkling of the eye] we may be found in rest and not walk in the middle [the middle seems to refer to the psychic mind being alone (apart from the Father) and without any support from the holy spirit?]. For many go astray on the way [lose faith and following after their own reasoning’s after once being enlightened]. For it is good to come forth from the world before one has sinned [against the holy spirit which is really sinning against the Father, the Son and even yourself which is the same as denying the Christ]. (Philip 50)

There are three good places to dwell. One is the heaven we can create from mortal existence. One is the heaven we can enter in the spirit world, which we call Paradise. One is the heaven of heavens, where those who are resurrected in a fullness of Light dwell. These are called the Ophanim; they are the One God. There are three parts of the world of spirits. There is the realm of Light, which we call Paradise. There is the mortal condition, which we call Prison. There is the realm of darkness, which we call hell. There are also those in outer darkness, which we call Perdition, but the saddest of all are those who remain on the physical plane after they have lost their bodies. These are consumed by a constant desire for that which they can never again possess. Make peace with yourself and the realities of your existence so that you will not be left floating on a physical plane with no physical body through which to enjoy it. Best of all is to be resurrected to Light while on the physical plane, for then your place in Paradise and the Celestial Worlds will be assured. 

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