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Friday, 27 December 2019

Truth and Nakedness The Gospel of Philip

Truth and Nakedness
Truth did not come into the world naked but in symbols and images. The world cannot receive truth in any other way. There is rebirth and an image of rebirth, and it is by means of this image that one must be reborn. What image is this? It is resurrection. Image must arise through image. By means of this image the bridal chamber and the image must approach the truth. This is restoration.

Those who receive the name of the father, son, and holy spirit and have accepted them must do this. If someone does not accept them, the name will also be taken from that person. A person receives them in the chrism with the oil of the power of the cross. The apostles called this power the right and the left. This person is no longer a Christian but is Christ.

Truth did not come into the world naked [for nakedness is the condition one is found in once the truth exposes the falsehood], but it came in types and images [through the symbolic dramas played out in the Old Testament and in nature itself]. The world will not receive truth in any other way [the world not being able to discern spiritual things needed a “tutor” through the movement of physical things in order to see truth]. There is a rebirth and an image of rebirth [there is physical birth and spiritual birth – the “image” is purely spiritual (mental) not physical]. It is certainly necessary to be born again through the image. Which one?  Resurrection. The image [the individual spirit consciousness] must rise again through the image [“Christ in you” this is Christ consciousness]. The bridal chamber [your heart] and the image must enter through the image into the truth: this is the restoration [it gives one a clean conscience and “the power to become sons”]. Not only must those who produce the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit [this is how Jacob became Israel – “Is” (feminine) – “ra” (masculine) – “el” (neuter) – the true three into One (“Is”aac, Ab”ra”ham, Isra”el” being the final rung], do so, but have produced them for you [these are “three who bear witness” i.e. “water, blood, and the spirit”]. If one does not acquire them [you must go through Jacob’s wrestling yourself and come out a winner], the name ("Christian") will also be taken from him [you are using the name at interest and will not be able to pay your debt]. But one receives the unction [is “made whole”] of the [...] of the power of the cross. This power the apostles called "the right and the left [they comprehended that the Universal spirit, the “right” (the will of the Father) and the individual spirit consciousness in man, the “left” (who likes to go according to his own will) would need to be united (in our hearts)]." For this person is no longer a Christian but a Christ [“who does what he sees the Father doing” i.e. “not my will but yours” - AMEN!]. (Philip 54)

Truth cannot descend to the mortal plane in its true form. Truth is manifested to mortals in their natural state in many forms, but none of them are pure Truth. Only those who ascend beyond the limitations of mortal mind can perceive Truth in its fullness. Every principle of Truth has its counterfeit on the mortal plane, and every counterfeit has a principle of Truth which it reveals. There is rebirth and there is the appearance of rebirth. There is immersion and there is the appearance of immersion. There is crucifixion and there is the appearance of crucifixion. There is resurrection and there is the appearance of resurrection. It is not sufficient to receive the appearance of rebirth, immersion, crucifixion, and resurrection. A person who receives these may be called Christian, but it is only the appearance of entering into Christ. One who receives the reality of these principles is not only a Christian, but a Christ. A person who is truly crucified and resurrected will receive the Anointing so that he is called Christ.

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