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Sunday, 29 December 2019

Vision of Hell

Vision of Hell
In a vision an apostolic person saw people who were locked up in a house of fire, bound with [chains] of fire, and thrown [into]…fire [on account of…false] faith. It was said, “[They might have] saved [their souls], but they did not want to, so they got [this place of ] punishment called [67] the [outer] darkness….”
[people locked into the judged fallen first chruch bundles of weeds to be burnt]

An apostle had a vision in which he saw people imprisoned in a building of fire, bound with flaming chains, and immersed in boiling oil. "Why can't they be saved?" he asked his guide. "They could be saved," was the reply, "but they refuse the salvation which is offered them. Everyone receives what he truly desires; these have desired the annihilation of outer darkness, so they must inevitably be thrown into it." 

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