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Sunday, 29 December 2019

What is Righteousness?

What is righteousness?

the word righteousness is used 12 times in the Nag Hammadi Library

As the Savior was sitting in the temple in the three hundredth (year) of the covenant and the agreement of the tenth pillar, and being satisfied with the number of the living, incorruptible Majesty, he said to me, "Peter, blessed are those above belonging to the Father, who revealed life to those who are from the life, through me, since I reminded they who are built on what is strong, that they may hear my word, and distinguish words of unrighteousness and transgression of law from righteousness, as being from the height of every word of this Pleroma of truth, having been enlightened in good pleasure by him whom the principalities sought. But they did not find him, nor was he mentioned among any generation of the prophets. He has now appeared among these, in him who appeared, who is the Son of Man, who is exalted above the heavens in a fear of men of like essence. But you yourself, Peter, become perfect in accordance with your name with myself, the one who chose you, because from you I have established a base for the remnant whom I have summoned to knowledge. Therefore be strong until the imitation of righteousness - of him who had summoned you, having summoned you to know him in a way which is worth doing because of the rejection which happened to him, and the sinews of his hands and his feet, and the crowning by those of the middle region, and the body of his radiance which they bring in hope of service because of a reward of honor - as he was about to reprove you three times in this night." (Apocalypse of Peter )

Now after it, the olive tree sprouted up, which was to purify the kings and the high priests of

righteousness, who were to appear in the last days, since the olive tree appeared out of the light of the first Adam for the sake of the unguent that they were to receive. (origan of the world )

Similarly also with knowledge and righteousness. We must therefore not only empty the soul, but fill it with God. For no longer is there evil in it, since that has been made to cease; nor yet is there good, since it has not yet received good. (Extracts from the Works of Theodotus)

The term 'righteousness' means 'right-mindedness', as well as 'walking in perfection" 

Right-minded implies understanding rightly, and reasoning in the same nonjudgmental way that God reasons.

"Righteousness is rightness"  Right-mindedness may sound elitist. It is, however, exactly the opposite. Righteousness/right-minded is nonjudgmental thinking and, therefore, when we reach the Christ consciousness, we never judge ourselves as better than anyone else. As Jesus says in Jn 8:15, "I judge no one".

righteousness--A state of harmony established in consciousness through the right use of God-given attributes. It leads directly to eternal life. Truth working in consciousness brings forth the perfect salvation of the whole man--Spirit, soul, and body--and righteousness (right relation) is expressed in all his affairs.

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