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Friday, 27 December 2019

Whoever Leaves the World The Gospel of Philip

Whoever Leaves the World
Whoever leaves the world can no longer be held back as if still in the world. Such a person clearly is beyond desire…and fear, is dominant…, and is above envy.

If…, that person is grasped and choked. How can that person escape the [great grasping powers]? How can that person [hide from them]?
Some [say], “We are faithful,” in order that they [may escape [66] unclean] spirits and demons. For if they had the holy spirit, no unclean spirit could grab them.
Do not fear the flesh and do not love it. If you fear the flesh, it will dominate you. If you love the flesh, it will swallow you up and strangle you.
He who comes out of the world [i.e. is set-apart (holy) as a spirit son of God], and so can no longer be detained [by evil spirits i.e. his conscience recognizes them and casts them forth that they cannot manifest in him any more] on the grounds that he was in the world [once you repent and turn around, past actions cannot be used against you for they are forgiven as you have been purchased and redeemed from the world – past sins are no longer taken in account as the new man is formed in you – this is all about the individual spirit of man (consciousness) being united with the Christ Consciousness by holy spirit to do His will and not your own will (it exemplifies the destruction of pride and covetness while revealing the power of love and humility)], evidently is above the desire of the [...] and fear. He is master over [...his flesh] [has overcome his carnal nature]. He is superior to envy. If ……comes, they seize him and throttle him. And how will this one be able to escape the great [.tribulation of the..] powers? How will he be able to [.be saved.]? There are some [Christians] who say, "We are faithful" in order that [.we may avoid..] the unclean spirits and the demons [to “say” it is not enough - “And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are ye?” the sons of the Sceva (Jew) were talking to a man in this account who was able to discern by “what comes out of the mouth” (which comes from the heart) and was easily able to get mastery over them]. For if they had the Holy Spirit, no unclean spirit would cleave to them. Fear not the flesh [sarx] nor love it. If you fear it, it will gain mastery over you [those who have the Nicolaitan spirit will always use fear as a tool to turn you back to the beggarly things of the world in order that they may “lord it over you”]. If you love it [“the flesh and the lusts thereof”], it will swallow and paralyze you [keep you in bondage to the things of the world that you continue to go in your own way (following another and not Christ) keeping you from ever finding the Truth (life)]. (Philip 49)

Those who have ascended, so that they live in the Realm of Light, wherever they may dwell, are not subject to the forces which surround them; they are independent of every power beneath the celestial worlds. Neither desire nor fear controls their decisions. They have mastered existence through the acquisition of gnosis. They are not subject to envy or jealousy. They neither fear nor are addicted to their physical desires. They are at peace with themselves and the realities of their existence. Only these can claim the title Elohim.

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