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Friday, 3 January 2020

Adam’s Soul The Gospel of Philip

Adam’s Soul
Adam’s soul came from a breath. The soul’s companion is spirit, and the spirit given to him is his mother. His soul was [taken] from him and replaced with [spirit]. When he was united with spirit, [he] uttered words superior to the powers, and the powers envied him. They [separated him from his] spiritual companion…hidden…bridal chamber….

The soul of Adam came into being by means of a breath [the infusion of the feminine Elohim spirit from Yahweh]. The partner of his soul is the spirit [the Universal spirit of the Father as they were as One in the beginning]. His mother is the thing that was given to him [as a part of “Elohim” i.e. the holy spirit “the mother of everyone living” (Eve) which was clarified by Jesus when He said; “my mother and my brothers”]. His soul was taken from him and replaced by a spirit [This is when the Father removed the “Oneness” he had with Adam and gave him a will of his own, i.e. made him an individual spirit consciousness which is represented by the Father removing from his side that portion and closing up the veil of flesh.  Eve represents that individual spirit consciousness that was formed as a result]. When he [Adam before the separation] was united [in thought with the Father], he spoke words incomprehensible to the powers [one more indication that there were other (non-adamic) men on the earth at the time of Adam]. They envied him [...] spiritual partner [...] hidden [...] opportunity [...] for themselves alone [...] bridal chamber, so that [...]. (Philip 64)

 The Aadamah became living souls when the breath of life was blown into their nostrils. Breath is a synonym for spirit, for when they breathed in the breath of life, they breathed in their spirits. The soul is body and spirit; it is unity that creates the soul. The spirit is male; the body is female. When they are united in the Divine image, we become living souls. If they are not united, we have the appearance of life, but true life is not ours.

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