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Thursday, 30 January 2020

The Grace Consciousness John 1-17

The Grace Consciousness John 1-17

'Grace', from the Greek word literally means "highly favoured", not an act of benevolence of God toward man. When Paul uses the word 'grace', he uses it in appreciation of God for allowing Jesus to teach us the principles of his/God's logos/mind. In effect, grace implies God giving us the right to comprehend and participate in his will (logos/logic).

"Wisdom can also be considered grace."

"Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ" (John 1:17); that is, the real saving, redeeming, transforming power came to man through the work that Jesus did in establishing for the mankind a new Consciousness of Righteousness. We can enter into this consciousness by faith in Him and by means of the inner spirit of the law that He taught and practiced.

It is when we wake up to this truth that we are able to move out of a consciousness of sin and instead move into a consciousness of righteousness.

The grace of God extends to all people, not alone to one sect or creed. All men are equal in favour with God.

I have Faith: "Through the grace of God I am forgiven and healed."

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